Secure E-mail

Protect your organization with secure e-mail services.

Protect your organization with secure e-mail services.

With e-mail-related threats growing more sophisticated by the day, finding a way to secure e-mail communications is critical to protecting your data, your people and your organization. Viruses, malware and spam continue to pose a threat, but you must also protect against more advanced threats like a phishing or spear-phishing attack that can have catastrophic consequences.

Mimecast provides a subscription-based secure e-mail service offering comprehensive enterprise-grade protection against known and emerging threats. As a cloud-based secure e-mail solution, Mimecast provides a massively-scalable mail transfer agent (MTA) with multiple layers of protection to stop threats before they reach your network.

As a cloud-based service with no on-premises hardware or software to be installed, Mimecast is simple to deploy, helping you achieve faster ROI. Mimecast seamlessly integrates with existing e-mail investments to improve Exchange and Office 365 email security. And Mimecast is easy to manage, providing administrators with granular and flexible control to secure e-mail with centralized policies that can be created and applied in real time.

Mimecast's all-in-one secure e-mail solution.

Mimecast's secure email service includes:

  • Secure Email Gateway, offering sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and intelligence that deliver SLAs for 100% anti-virus protection and 99% anti-spam protection with 0.0001% false positives.
  • Targeted Threat Protection, providing defense against malicious links in e-mail and attachments that may cause employees to inadvertently reveal their credentials or to download malware and viruses.
  • Secure Messaging, enabling employees to send and receive sensitive data in secure e-mail directly from their mailbox without needing access to encryption methods.
  • Large File Send, providing a way to send files securely (up to 2 GB) from within an employee's mailbox application, eliminating the need for third-party file sharing services that may compromise security and compliance efforts.
  • Content Control and Data Leak Protection (DLP), helping to prevent inadvertent or malicious leaking of sensitive information by scanning all outbound e-mail and blocking or quarantining messages with suspicious content.

Secure e-mail with greater control and flexibility.

Mimecast's secure e-mail services give administrators central control over all security policies, significantly simplifying the task of managing e-mail security. With Mimecast, administrators can:

  • Centrally administer policies with a single, web-based console.
  • Monitor e-mail queues and services from a single dashboard, with SMS and e-mail alerting.
  • Route e-mail using Active Directory group membership or attributes.
  • Rewrite addresses inbound and outbound for complex, multi-domain environments.
  • Enjoy broad and fine-grained control with the ability to apply policy hierarchically at the mailbox, group or organization level.

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