Ransomware prevention

Ransomware prevention with Mimecast

Ransomware prevention is a critical priority.

As the frequency and cost of ransomware attacks continues to rise, solutions for ransomware prevention must be at the top of every IT department's list of priorities.

Ransomware like the crypto virus or cryptowall often originate in email or spam and get activated when a user clicks on a malicious link or opens a weaponized attachment. The ransom virus blocks access to files or encrypted data, allowing companies to regain access only after paying a ransom.

Ransomware prevention requires sophisticated tools that can identify potentially dangerous email and prevent users from inadvertently starting an attack by clicking a suspicious link or opening a dangerous attachment. That's why so many companies worldwide turn to cloud-based ransomware prevention services from Mimecast.

Ransomware prevention with Mimecast.

Mimecast provides email security, continuity and archiving solutions in an all-in-one subscription service that helps to reduce the cost and complexity of protecting and managing email. Rather than deploying a variety of standalone security and backup products, Mimecast offers a single solution that combines tools for ransomware prevention with continuity and archiving capabilities for fast recovery. With Mimecast, ransomware prevention is always on and always up-to-date, reducing the burden on IT while protecting users and data more effectively.

How Mimecast approaches ransomware prevention.

To protect against ransomware, Mimecast offers a multi-layered approach to detect ransomware and prevent it from blocking access email or data.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection is a suite of security services for ransomware prevention that enable you to:

  • Block malicious URLs. Mimecast rewrites all URLs within incoming and archived emails and scans destination websites on every click to prevent users from visiting a potentially malicious website.
  • Protect against weaponized attachments. When an attachment is deemed to be suspicious, Mimecast sandboxes the attachment before delivery to protect against unknown malware, or transcribes it to a safe format, allowing the user to view it immediately.
  • Recognize and defend against impersonation attacks. Mimecast protects against malware-less attacks that seek to impersonate trusted senders by scanning all inbound emails in real time, identifying and blocking or tagging suspicious emails.

Mimecast's ransomware prevention services are informed by third-party and Mimecast proprietary threat intelligence, providing up-to-date warnings about the latest threats. And in the event a ransomware attack is successful, Mimecast archiving services enable you to quickly regain access to email data by restoring content to a point before the launch of the ransomware attack.

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