Prevent phishing attacks

Prevent phishing attacks with Mimecast

Choose a multilayered defense to prevent phishing attacks.

As phishing email scams continue to successfully breach security defenses, more organizations are adopting a multilayered approach to security strategy in order to prevent phishing attacks.

Cyber phishing attacks typically begin with an email message that appears to come from a well-known or trusted company – social websites, financial institutions and shipping companies are frequent sources. The email directs the recipient to visit a website infected by malware, or a bogus website that asks the user to divulge sensitive information like passwords, Social Security numbers, credit card information and other confidential data. Spear-phishing, a more targeted phishing threat, focuses on a specific individual or role in the company and uses additional social engineering techniques to create more familiarity with the recipient.

Mimecast email security solutions can help to prevent phishing attacks with cloud-based services that block malicious attachments and URLs and with end-user empowerment services that promote greater phishing awareness among employees.

Prevent phishing attacks with Mimecast.

Mimecast's all-in-one, SaaS-based services not only help to improve security and prevent phishing attacks, they can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of all the tasks involved in managing business email.

To prevent phishing attacks, Mimecast Dynamic User Awareness services provide prompts that train employees to think twice about clicking on certain links or visiting certain sites. When a link or website is deemed suspicious by Mimecast's advanced threat intelligence, users will be directed to a web page where they'll see a message warning them about the site and asking whether they want to continue. Mimecast services also help to prevent phishing attacks by helping users spot the signs of a phishing mail message, including links that don't direct to the sender's actual website, domain names that appear to be slightly altered, and threatening language, misspellings and bad grammar that are uncharacteristic of the sender.

Mimecast's automated technology to prevent phishing attacks.

Mimecast provides sophisticated detection engines and advanced threat intelligence to protect email and users from malware, viruses, spam and data leaks. To prevent phishing attacks and other advanced threats, Mimecast offers Targeted Threat Protection services that include:

  • Attachment Protect, a service that blocks potentially dangerous attachments by sandboxing them or transcribing them to a safe format.
  • URL Protect, technology that scans all incoming email and blocks access to links and websites that Mimecast's threat intelligence deems suspicious.
  • Impersonation Protect, a service that scans all incoming email for signs that the sender may be trying to impersonate a trusted source in order to dupe an employee into wiring money, transferring funds or divulging credentials.

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