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Phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated.

Threats to enterprise security are constantly evolving and growing in complexity, and phishing threats are no exception.

In a phishing email, attackers masquerade as a reputable entity or a known person to dupe users into sharing important information like login credentials or account information. In a spear phishing email, attackers often pose as an individual within the recipient’s company, while the sender of a whale phishing email might impersonate the CEO or CFO and instruct the recipient to transfer money to a fraudulent account.

These kinds of phishing threats have been enormously successful. In fact, 91% of all hacking attacks today began with a phishing or spear phishing email. With each breach potentially costing millions in damage to business, productivity and reputation, organizations need sophisticated protection to guard against these ever-evolving attacks.

Preventing phishing scams with Mimecast.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection offers superior defense against phishing, spear phishing and whaling attacks. Part of Mimecast’s all-in-one subscription service for email security, archiving and continuity, Targeted Threat Protection extends traditional gateway security to defend against threats like a phishing attack.

Mimecast’s solution improves phishing and spear security by:

  • Scanning email in real-time to identify suspicious URLs, weaponized attachments and potential fraudulent requests based on social-engineering.
  • Providing comprehensive protection against phishing and other attacks without the need for additional infrastructure or IT overhead.
  • Providing tools for granular reporting and end-to-end, real-time threat analysis.

How Mimecast’s solution stops a phishing attack.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection offers three levels of defenses against a phishing, spear phishing or whaling attack.

  • Targeted Threat Protection — URL Protect scans all URLs within incoming and archived emails on every click to shield users from immediate and delayed attacks. Suspicious sites are blocked and a warning page is displayed for the user.
  • Targeted Threat Protection — Attachment Protect preemptively sandboxes all attachments and automatically performs security checks before delivering them to employees. Attachments are opened in a virtual environment that is separate from the corporate email system and passed on to employees only if the attachment is clean.
  • Targeted Threat Protection — Impersonation Protect scans incoming email for anomalies in the header, domain information and body content that could suggest potential financial fraud or social-engineering. Suspicious messages can be rejected, quarantined or tagged as suspicious before being delivered to recipients.

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