Office 365 DLP

    Mimecast integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft platform to provide powerful Office 365 DLP capabilities.

    Enhance Office 365 DLP with Mimecast

    While Microsoft Office 365 provides a wide range of features and functionality, Office 365 DLP (data loss prevention) capabilities may not be robust enough to meet the needs of many organizations.

    Preventing data loss from accidental or malicious links is critical to protecting intellectual property, customer information, credit card data and other forms of sensitive information. Failure to adequately ensure Office 365 DLP can result in significant legal trouble, regulatory fines and damage to reputation. Clearly, having solutions that provide the strongest Office 365 protection against data loss is critical to every organization on the Microsoft platform.

    Mimecast can help. With a cloud-based service that strengthens data loss prevention activity, Mimecast integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft platform to provide powerful Office 365 DLP capabilities.




    Mimecast services for Office 365 DLP

    Mimecast provides a subscription-based service that offers an all-in-one solution for email archiving, continuity and security. With Mimecast, organizations no longer need to deploy and manage multiple point solutions to address a variety of email concerns – Mimecast's cloud-based offering provides comprehensive capabilities to make business email management less costly and complex.

    Mimecast Content Control & DLP is part of Mimecast's comprehensive security services. To enhance Office 365 DLP, Mimecast scans every email and attachment to detect potential leaks based on administrator-defined policies. When a suspected leak is detected, Mimecast can block the email, quarantine it or require that the content be encrypted and sent via Mimecast's secure messaging system.

    Mimecast enables administrators to create Office 365 data security policies that identify potentially sensitive material in emails by comparing content to cryptographic checksums, structured data, managed dictionaries, customer terms, and document fingerprinting and libraries. End-users can manage their own Office 365 DLP controls with security choices for individual emails.


    Benefits of managing Office 365 DLP with Mimecast

    With Mimecast solutions for Office 365 DLP, you can:

    • Simplify management of content compliance controls.
    • Improve Office 365 security and compliance with DLP policies that support financial services compliance, healthcare compliance and compliance with other regulatory frameworks.
    • Quickly rollout Office 365 DLP enhancements with a cloud-based solution that requires no upfront investment and no purchase or installation of hardware and software.
    • Give administrators granular control over Office 365 DLP policies.
    • Automatically remove the risk of document metadata leakage.
    • Centrally control and apply Office 365 DLP policies throughout the organization.

    Learn more about Mimecast solutions for Office 365 DLP, and about Mimecast solutions for Office 365 email backup and recovery that enable organizations to backup Office 365

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