IT Security Awareness

    Get your employees engaged in IT security awareness with Mimecast's highly effective training modules with continuous testing and targeted learning.

    How to get your people engaged in IT security awareness

    When it comes to your employees, promoting IT security awareness is business-critical for one simple reason: more than 90% of security breaches involve human error. That means your greatest assets – your people – are also one of your biggest security risks.

    Many organizations have dumped a lot of money into security awareness training in an effort to instill greater IT security awareness among users. Unfortunately, the ROI on these efforts is usually disappointing. Most security awareness training for employees fails to change behavior, and it's not hard to see why: training is usually boring. It's often packaged in long, tedious sessions that employees dread – or worse, avoid – and once it's over, best practices are soon forgotten.

    That's why Mimecast decided to turn IT security awareness training on its head. Rather than run-of-the-mill security awareness courses that read like a PowerPoint presentation, we've developed massively engaging, video-based training that uses one of education's most powerful tools: humor. Simply put, our stuff is hilarious. With the help of top talent from the entertainment industry, we've put together a series of mini sitcoms that mix a little learning with a lot of laughs. Employees don't just like our IT security awareness courses – they love them, and they ask for more.

    To avoid information overload, we deliver IT security awareness courses in 3- to 5-minute modules that employees engage with roughly once each month. That keeps learning fresh and makes sure that IT security awareness is continually on their radar.

    How to get your people engaged in IT security awareness

    Elements of Mimecast IT awareness training

    Mimecast Awareness Training was developed by cybersecurity leaders from the military, law enforcement and the intelligence community. The program instills IT security awareness by focusing on four things.

    • Engaging content. People won't learn anything if they're not engaged in the content, which is why most IT security awareness courses fail. Mimecast's short and highly entertaining video content keeps employees involved in their security education – they're continually learning without even realizing it.
    • Constant testing. Sentiment testing conducted before training is delivered establishes a baseline about how seriously each employee takes security threats and feels prepared to cope with them. Testing after each training module reinforces key concepts and tracks retention and behavioral change. And phishing tests – complete with real-world templates of phishing emails – put your employees' learning to the test and helps you identify weak links.
    • Personalized risk scores. With Mimecast IT security awareness training, everyone from the C-suite to front line employees gets a personalized risk score based on training data, sentiment surveys and additional data from the Mimecast grid. Risk scores help you understand which users pose the greatest risk your company, which employees or departments are avoiding training, and who may be most likely targeted by attackers.
    • Targeted learning. With intelligence gleaned from personalized risk scoring, you can customize training to target your highest risk employees. That may mean providing one-on-one coaching, delivering additional or more frequent training, or adjusting system permissions for those who don't respond well to training.
    Elements of Mimecast IT awareness training

    Mimecast delivers greater IT security awareness

    Constant testing in Mimecast Awareness Training not only enables you to target your weakest links, it helps to demonstrate the effectiveness of your efforts. The table below shows what's possible when you flip the formula for security training to engage employees rather than scare them, and to make IT security awareness training a welcome and regular part of their routine rather than a dreaded annual chore.

    Meer kennis: bewustwording voor en na de training
    Phishing 33.0% 81.2% 246%
    BYOD 28.1% 86.6% 308%
    Sociale Media 37.7% 80.1% 212%
    Wachtwoorden 12.5% 54.6% 437%
    Onbedoelde openbaarmaking 18.6% 78.4% 421%
    Interne Risico's 17.8% 62.6% 345%
    Shadow IT 26.7% 53.9% 202%
    Opslagapparaten 34.5% 88.2% 256%
    Bedreigingen melden 17.8% 62.6% 345%
    Tailgating 27.9% 67.2% 241%
    Mimecast delivers greater IT security awareness

    Why Mimecast should be your IT security awareness partner

    Beyond delivering clear and measurable results, there are many reasons to choose Mimecast for IT security awareness training.

    • The best content – period. Our security awareness training courses are outright funny – employees can't wait to see the next episode. Our courses offer expertise developed by leading cybersecurity minds, including a former director of the FBI and a former CSO for AT&T. And our training content is comprehensive, covering everything from password and email security awareness to targeted threats like phishing and ransomware to compliance topics on PCI, GDPR and HIPAA.
    • Targeted campaigns. Mimecast lets you target the individuals and groups who will represent the greatest risks in your organization. Rather than a "spray and pray" approach, you can make the most of your limited resources, enabling IT security awareness training to have a greater impact than ever before.
    • Online delivery. Mimecast IT security awareness courses are delivered via a web browser, enabling you to manage awareness training for a global workforce with just a few clicks.
    • Integrated, comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Mimecast Awareness Training can be seamlessly integrated with Mimecast's suite of solutions for email security, web security, information archiving and business continuity, providing a single, cloud-based solution that addresses all of your cybersecurity needs.
    Why Mimecast should be your IT security awareness partner

    FAQs: what is information security awareness training?

    What is security awareness?

    Security awareness refers to awareness of the many kinds of security threats that an organization faces and how employees can help to mitigate and avoid them.

    Why is IT security awareness important?

    IT security awareness addresses the problem of human error in an organization's security posture. Employee actions and mistakes are involved with a significant number of major data breaches. By improving IT security awareness, organizations can help employees become part of their security defense rather than a security risk.

    How long to take to build an IT awareness security program?

    The time required to build an IT awareness security program depends on the technology and methodology you choose. As an online platform, Mimecast Awareness Training can be deployed and configured quickly, rolling out awareness training to a global workforce easily.

    Does Mimecast cover Office 365 security and compliance training?

    Mimecast Awareness Training covers many topics that are critical to Office 365 security and compliance training, including modules on HIPAA and GDPR compliance as well as phishing emails, CEO/wire fraud and ransomware.

    FAQs: what is information security awareness training?

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