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    Learn why 3,800 organizations have already made the switch from Symanec to Mimecast.

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    Looking for an Email replacement?

    If you’re looking for a Symantec Email replacement to protect from email security risks, industry observers have suggested you are not alone. When Broadcom announced its acquisition of Symantec enterprise products division, some industry experts noted that cost-cutting measures would have negative consequences for user support, innovation and product development, and that this should serve as a warning to chief information security officers who are customers of Email Here are some of the reactions:

    Successfully defending against cyber threats in email requires state-of-the-art solutions with up-to-the-minute threat intelligence. The news from Broadcom suggests the Email service will no longer have the R&D resources necessary to adequately defend against threats small and large.

    That’s why, when searching for an Email replacement, over 3,800 former Symantec customers have turned to Mimecast for industry-leading solutions for email security and cyber resilience.

    Looking for an Email replacement?

    Mimecast: the #1 Email replacement

    Mimecast is an email security market leader, providing an all-in-one service with best-of-breed solutions for email security, archiving, continuity and compliance that is a highly attractive Email replacement.

    As Symantec clients continue to turn to Mimecast for an Email replacement, Mimecast’s team has become remarkably adept at transitioning organizations from the Symantec on-premises and cloud-based email security platforms. Customers switching from Email needn’t worry about a prolonged or complex transition – Mimecast’s specialists can help to make the process smooth and worry-free.

    Additionally, while some Symantec customers may expect increased hold times and more difficult problem resolution as support for Email is potentially impacted by the acquisition, customers choosing Mimecast as an Email replacement will enjoy industry-leading customer service from a company with local presence in all markets.

    Tijdelijke Price Match Aanbieding: Mimecast Email & Web Security

    Klaar om meer te leren over de overstap naar Mimecast? Wij bieden een price match aanbieding* voor huidige Symantec klanten! We zullen uw huidige prijsstelling voor zowel Email security.Cloud als Web security.Cloud aanpassen en om een naadloze overgang te garanderen zullen we zorgen voor een kostenloze migratie. Als u geïnteresseerd bent in meer informatie over onze price match promotie, geef ons dan uw contactinformatie en een Mimecast-vertegenwoordiger zal contact met u opnemen met de details en voorwaarden van deze aanbieding.

    Loopt uw Symantec-contract voorlopig nog niet af? Neem contact met ons op om te zien of u in aanmerking komt voor een Mimecast-buyout voor de rest van uw bestaande termijn! 

    *Deze promotie is onderworpen aan de gebruikelijke voorwaarden, die uw Mimecast- of partnervertegenwoordiger kan leveren.

    Mimecast: the #1 Email replacement

    "Met Mimecast hebben we een enterprise-grade oplossing voor het voorkomen van e-mailaanvallen op alle apparaten. Het was snel en eenvoudig te implementeren en de ondersteuning was uitstekend. We hebben onze behoefte aan een betere e-mailbescherming kunnen bevredigen door beveiliging, archivering en continuïteit in één oplossing te integreren."

    -IT Director in de juridische sector en voormalig Symantec Email klant

    Why your Email replacement should be Mimecast

    Customers looking for an Email replacement have turned to Mimecast’s cloud-based email security and management services for the many advantages it offers over Symantec’s product. Mimecast provides a wide variety of features and capabilities that Symantec do not, including:

    • An integrated solution for cyber resilience in email. Mimecast’s all-in-one service promotes resilience for email by stopping threats before an attack, ensuring continuity during an attack or technical failure, and enabling backup and fast recovery after an attack when emails and mailboxes have been lost or corrupted.
    • Protection against internal threats. Mimecast Internal Email Protect monitors email communications within the organization to identify and stop email-borne threats initiated by insiders or by malicious actors posing as legitimate employees.
    • Safe file conversion. Mimecast Attachment Protect can rewrite potentially malicious files, making them safe to use without delaying delivery to recipients.
    • Protection against malicious URLs. Mimecast URL Protect determines whether URLs are safe or malicious, blocking access to suspicious links in order to protect users and the organization.
    • Malware detection. The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway provides excellent malware detection thanks in part to its static file analysis capabilities as an innovative addition to signature-based and file sandboxing capabilities.
    • Security Awareness Training. To address the problem of human error in successful cyber-attacks, Mimecast offers highly effective training modules that share best practices with employees in short, funny video-based sessions.
    • Integrated SMS administrator alerting. This key capability within Mimecast Continuity enables administrators to react more quickly to service outages.
    • Email removal from archives. Mimecast enables administrators to remove malicious or unwanted emails (no matter how old they are) from both Office 365 and Exchange on-premises systems.

    Learn more about Mimecast as an Email replacement.

    Why your Email replacement should be Mimecast