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    Mimecast's industry-leading DMARC Analyzer allows organizations to publish DMARC records to help combat dangerous cyber attacks.

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    Stopping email spoofing with a DMARC record

    As the use of email spoofing continues to rise, more organizations are turning to DMARC protocols and publishing DMARC records to help combat this dangerous threat.

    Email spoofing is a form of cybercrime where attackers send an email that appears to come from your organization. Spoofed emails may target your employees, customers, partners or suppliers. By impersonating a trusted source, attackers try to get the email recipient to reveal login credentials, share sensitive data, or transfer funds to a fraudulent account.

    Email spoofing takes advantage of the fact that it's very easy to make an email appear to come from any address. DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, is an email validation system that can help receiving organizations stop the delivery of spoofed emails and help sending organizations discover scammers who are using their domain without authorization.

    When using the DMARC, an organization publishes a DMARC record that lets a receiving email server know what to do with messages that fail a DMARC test.

    Though DMARC is a powerful tool for stopping email spoofing, it's also a challenge to deploy and manage. Without the right tools, it can be costly and time-consuming to establish DMARC policy enable email servers to perform a DMARC check. To simplify DMARC implementation, Mimecast provides an industry-leading solution in Mimecast DMARC Analyzer.

    Stopping email spoofing with a DMARC record

    Generate DMARC Records with Mimecast DMARC Analyzer

    Mimecast DMARC analyzer is a cloud-based solution that enables rapid deployment of DMARC protocols and streamlined publishing of DMARC records. In contrast to other DMARC solutions that require professional services for successful implementation and management, DMARC analyzer offers self-service tools that simplify DMARC deployment and minimize the time, effort and cost of stopping domain spoofing attacks.

    With DMARC analyzer, organizations can:

    • Block impersonation, phishing and malware attacks through greater email channel visibility, reporting and DMARC enforcement.
    • Enforce a DMARC policy more quickly and easily through a step-by-step approach and self-service tools for publishing DMARC records.
    • Enjoy 360° visibility and governance across all email channels.
    • Monitor ongoing performance with alerts, reports and charts that help to achieve an enforced DMARC policy faster.
    Generate DMARC Records with Mimecast DMARC Analyzer

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    Easy-to-use tools for publishing DMARC records

    Mimecast DMARC Analyzer offers simple and effective self-service tools that enable email security teams to publish a DMARC record and deploy DMARC quickly and efficiently. DMARC analyzer provides:

    • A DMARC record setup wizard to generate DMARC records.
    • Options for unlimited users, domains and domain groups to ensure full coverage by DMARC policies.
    • Forensic reports that streamline the task of tracking down the sources that are sending spoofed emails.
    • Aggregate reports and charts that are user-friendly, enabling faster analysis and shorter time to DMARC policy enforcement.
    • Summary reports issued daily and weekly, enabling email administrators to track progress over time.
    • Two-factor authentication for stronger security.
    • The ability to check DNS changes over time and to configure proactive email prompts that notify administrators when a DNS record is altered.
    • Options for DMARC Office 365 configuration.
    • Options for managed services provided by DMARC experts with extensive deployment and project management experience, helping to de-risk and deliver DMARC enforcement in the shortest time possible.
    Easy-to-use tools for publishing DMARC records

    Additional protection against email spoofing

    Organizations can combine Mimecast DMARC Analyzer with additional Mimecast solutions for email security to stop email spoofing and other sophisticated email threats. Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection offers a suite of solutions that include:

    • Secure Email Gateway. The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway goes beyond cloud-based antivirus and antispam protections to provide defenses against a wide range of sophisticated threats. Combining innovative applications and policies with multiple detection engines and threat intelligence feeds, Mimecast offers industry-leading protection against spear-phishing, malware, spam and zero-day attacks.
    • Impersonation Protect. Mimecast provides instant and comprehensive protection against malware-less attacks that use social engineering to impersonate companies, well-known brands and third-party organizations they work with. Mimecast scans each inbound email for the telltale signs of email impersonation such as header anomalies, domain similarity and the use of international character sets.
    • URL Protect. Mimecast protects employees from dangerous URLs in inbound emails, with real-time scanning of links on every click and every device to determine whether the target URL is safe or not.
    • Attachment Protect. Mimecast uses static file analysis, sandboxing, safe file conversion and the latest threat intelligence to neutralize threats posed by malicious email attachments.
    • Internal Email Protect. Mimecast prevents attacks from launching from within an organization and spreading silently between employees, customers and partners by scanning attachments and URLs and searching for suspicious content and leaks in all internal and outbound email.
    Additional protection against email spoofing

    FAQs: What is a DMARC record?

    What is DMARC?

    DMARC is the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance protocol, a system for validating the authenticity of emails. DMARC builds on two widely used email authentication protocols – Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) – to help a receiving mail server judge whether an inbound message is legitimate.

    What is a DMARC record?

    DMARC record is a DNS text record that is published in a domain's DNS database. A DMARC record lets ISPs know if a domain is set up to use DMARC and lets receiving email servers know what the organization's DMARC policy is concerning messages that fail SPF or DKIM authentication. A DMARC record may specify that messages which fail to authenticate can be delivered in the inbox, sent to the spam folder or needs to be blocked.

    What is a DMARC record check?

    A valid DMARC record is required when deploying DMARC. A DMARC record check is a diagnostic tool that parses a DMARC record and determines whether it is valid. Mimecast offers a free DMARC record check along with free SPF and DKIM checks.

    FAQs: What is a DMARC record?

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