Detect ransomware

Detect ransomware with Mimecast

Sophisticated technology to detect ransomware.

As ransom virus attacks like Cryptolocker and Cryptowall continue to successfully sabotage companies, more organizations are seeking out technology to detect ransomware in email and spam messages.

Ransomware is usually initiated when a user clicks on a malicious link or opens a weaponized attachment in an email message. These emails are designed to fool the reader into thinking that the message concerns a legitimate invoice, Word document, package notice or report. Once the user clicks on a link or opens the document, the ransomware virus triggers a binary file that encrypts documents on the hard drive or server, preventing users from accessing their data. To regain access, individuals or organizations must get a password to decrypt the files by paying a ransom to the attackers.

When your organization fails to detect ransomware, results can vary from a minor inconvenience and drop in productivity to a major catastrophe and complete data loss. The headlines are full stories about companies whose email security defenses couldn't detect ransomware effectively, causing damage to reputation and online.

To successfully detect ransomware, you need best-of breed solutions that can recognize ransomware tactics in emails and block users from accessing suspicious links and attachments. But you also need technology that lets you neutralize the impact should an attack be successful. Mimecast provides solutions for both.