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Mimecast Sync & Recover regularly synchronizes mailboxes & provides fast data recovery tools, enabaling users to quickly recove after a cyber attack. 

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Streamline email data recovery with Mimecast.

As organizations rely more than ever on Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, email data recovery must be a critical priority for IT administrators. While these ubiquitous platforms offer some native data protection capabilities, the data they contain is too valuable not to have a separate, additional solution for data recovery in place. From ransomware and cybercrime to human error and hardware failure, there are simply too many scenarios in which email data can be lost.

In the past, recovery management solutions have posed problems for IT administrators. On-premises solutions have been difficult to maintain, and cloud solutions have often threatened to bottleneck performance. Both categories of data recovery technology have added additional costs and saddled IT teams with the responsibility for managing complex hardware and software.

Mimecast Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 provides an alternative – a data recovery solution that is easy to use, deploy and configure, and one that provides fast and streamlined mail recovery after a disaster.

<p>Streamline email data recovery with Mimecast.</p>

Powerful tools to speed and simplify data recovery.

Mimecast Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 is a fully integrated extension of the Mimecast Cloud Archive, a unified solution for creating an Exchange or Outlook archive of email, contacts, calendars and personal folders. Mimecast Sync & Recovery is 100% cloud-based and eradicates the need for standalone backup and recovery technology.

Mimecast's data recovery solution automatically syncs data in Exchange and Office 365 up to six times per day, tracking changes in email, calendars and contacts to ensure that information is fully up-to-date. When a data loss occurs, easy-to-use tools enable administrators to rapidly recover mailboxes, personal folders, calendar items and contact lists to ensure that users can continue to work without disruption.

In addition to data recovery, Mimecast Sync & Recover provides granular retention management capabilities that let administrators manage policy-based retention of email content and metadata. Administrators can configure multiple retention period scenarios, including split retention across the user base as well as complex, custom rules for user or administrative retention.

Mimecast Sync & Recover also enables administrators to easily manage the size of Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes with automated mailbox storage management.

<p>Powerful tools to speed and simplify data recovery.</p>

Data recovery after ransomware attacks.

Mimecast Sync & Recover adds an additional layer of defense against escalating ransomware attacks. By regularly synchronizing mailboxes and providing fast data recovery tools, Mimecast enables organizations to speed system recovery and mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack through access to email backups in cloud storage.

Learn more about data recovery with Mimecast, and about Mimecast tools for fast gegevensmigratie.

<p>Data recovery after ransomware attacks.</p>

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