Data loss

Stop data loss with Mimecast

Are you protected against data loss?

Data loss due to malicious or inadvertent leaks can be a serious problem for organizations today. Whether it's intellectual property, customer data or sensitive financial information, data loss can have negative impacts on customer relationships, business competitiveness, corporate reputation and your bottom line.

Email is one of the most prevalent sources of data loss and leaks. From an email accidentally addressed to the wrong person to messages sent surreptitiously with sensitive attachments, email represents one of the most vulnerable parts of your security efforts to keep data and proprietary information protected. That's why so many companies around the world are turning to data loss prevention technology from Mimecast to protect their most valuable information assets.

A data leakage prevention system from Mimecast.

As a provider of cloud-based email security, continuity and archiving solutions, Mimecast offers a best-of-breed data loss prevention (DLP) and content control solution. Delivered as a SaaS-based subscription service, Mimecast's DLP protection solution scans outbound traffic in real time to spot inadvertent and malicious leaks that could result in serious data loss.

To minimize data loss, Mimecast's data leakage prevention system scans each email and any attachments to detect information like customer lists, personally identifiable information, code names and other sensitive data, based on policies defined by email administrators. Mimecast accurately identifies confidential files using cryptographic checksums, structured data and libraries. When an outbound email triggers a data loss prevention policy, the email may be sent securely or held for review by administrators. Mimecast can also convert documents to shareable formats and remove metadata, and add policy-based signatures, create legal notices, and apply branding rules for all outbound emails.

Benefits of Mimecast's data loss prevention solution.

When you choose to prevent data loss with Mimecast's data leak prevention software, you can:

  • Prevent valuable and sensitive information from leaving the company due to purposeful or accidental data leaks.
  • Simplify compliance with regulation such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA and GLBA, and respond to compliance requirements with granular content and DLP policies.
  • Eliminate the risk of document metadata such as comments and tracked changes leaving the organization.
  • Enable a fast and seamless rollout of data loss prevention technology throughout your organization, using Mimecast's cloud-based service model.
  • Provide administrators with central control over data loss policies.
  • Reduce IT burden with easy-to-use data loss prevention tools.

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