Data leakage protection

Simplify data leakage protection with Mimecast.

Simplify data leakage protection with Mimecast.

Data leakage protection (DLP) must be a top priority for IT administrators today. Email has made it much easier to share information with colleagues and partners, but it also enables sensitive data to be leaked with a mouse click. Without adequate data leakage protection, organizations may find that customer records, new product ideas, financial information and intellectual property can easily fall into the wrong hands. The results can be catastrophic — from serious fines and legal action to loss of reputation and loss of business.

Data leakage protection must guard against both inadvertent leaks as well as the intentions of a malicious individual. The most effective data leakage prevention technology will be both powerful and easy to use, avoiding unnecessary administrative burden and complexity.

For organizations seeking data leak prevention tools that offer world-class data leakage protection in an affordable and easy-to-implement solution, Mimecast offers a leading DLP solution as part of its SaaS email management subscription service.

Mimecast's data leakage protection solutions

Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention provides a powerful but easy-to-use service to quickly identify and block email that may contain accidental or malicious data leaks.

Mimecast lets administrators set flexible email DLP policies, with the ability to apply appropriate control to specific users and groups. Mimecast then scans all email and file attachments using dictionaries, file hashes, keywords and pattern matching to evaluate content for potential leaks. Because any part of an email may contain a leak, Mimecast examines subject lines, headers, HTML, body text and attachments to identify words, text patterns or inappropriate images.

Benefits of data leakage protection from Mimecast.

With Mimecast data leakage protection, you can:

  • Prevent inadvertent and malicious leaks.
  • Support legal requirements and regulatory compliance needs.
  • Provide users with education about policy and best practices with automatic notifications when their email communications violate DLP policy.
  • Enforce DLP policy across multiple sites, even when email servers are down.
  • Implement a data leakage protection solution quickly and easily with no capital investment.

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