Data leakage prevention system

A data leakage prevention system from Mimecast

Do you need a data leakage prevention system?

When you want to stop sensitive information from leaving your company through accidental or malicious leaks, a data leakage prevention system is a must.

Your financial data, customer lists, intellectual property and future business plans are among your most valuable information assets. When sensitive material like this is exposed via inadvertent or purposeful leaks, the damage can be significant. Fines and legal fees are only the beginning – the adverse effect on customer trust, business relationships and corporate competitiveness can be devastating.

To protect your critical information, a data leakage prevention system must focus on email. Email has become the center of business communication, making it the primary source for data leaks. The right data leak prevention software should allow you to examine all outbound email for potential leaks, and block or hold any emails that violate your data loss prevention (DLP) policies.

In addition to stopping leaks, your data leakage prevention system must be easy-to-use, or you risk adding additional burden to IT teams already struggling with multiple priorities. And your data loss prevention software must be powerful enough to address potential leaks across all locations and departments, but flexible enough to adapt to your particular industry and DLP needs.

A data leakage prevention system from Mimecast.

Mimecast provides a data leakage prevention system as part of an all-in-one solution for email security, continuity and archiving.

As part of its comprehensive email data security software, Mimecast's data loss prevention technology is delivered via a SaaS-based subscription service, enabling you to roll out an organization-wide data leakage prevention system quickly and easily. Centralized policy administration provides easy-to-use tools that let administrators minimize the burden of managing DLP products. And Mimecast provides the flexibility you need to tailor your DLP policies to business requirements without impeding the productivity of your users.

How Mimecast's data leakage prevention system stops potential leaks.

As an email leaves your organization, Mimecast's data leakage prevention system scans the header, HTML, subject line, body text, recipient, sender and attachments. Using managed dictionaries and fuzzy hash document fingerprinting, Mimecast checks all content for potential leaks by comparing it to policies established by your administrators. If content in an email appears to be a leak, Mimecast can automatically block it or quarantine it for later review. Additionally, to ensure that email communication is secure and compliant, Mimecast's data leakage prevention solutions can automatically send certain email through secure channels or add content like legal disclaimers when required.

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