Data leak protection

Data leak protection requires superior tools.

Data leak protection requires superior tools.

Data leak protection (DLP) must be among the top priorities for IT security today. With so much valuable business information shared via email — including product ideas, business plans, customer data and financials — the potential for an accidental or malicious data leak is huge. The impact of a leak can be catastrophic: from fines and legal action to loss of reputation and revenue.

Consequently, risk and compliance teams want to adopt the most stringent data leakage prevention tools in order to protect the organization. The danger is that these data leak protection controls may end up stifling productivity and that the cost of protection outweigh the benefits.

To protect against data leaks, Mimecast provides a superior solution that improves data leak protection without impacting users, while also minimizing cost and simplifying management of DLP network security.

Data leak protection with Mimecast.

Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention, part of Mimecast's email security services, provides powerful email protection software to stop data leaks and support compliance. Using administrator-defined policies for data leak protection, Mimecast scans all email and attachments using keywords, file hashes, dictionaries and pattern matching to identify potential leaks. Suspect emails may be blocked, held for review by administrators, or automatically sent via Mimecast secure channels.

Mimecast's data leak protection solution enables organizations to:

  • Protect business reputation by stopping inadvertent and malicious leaks.
  • Support regulatory and legal compliance requirements.
  • Train users about data leak policies by providing automatic notification when an email violates policy.
  • Enable data leak protection policy enforcement during the email server outages.
  • Provide protection across multiple sites.
  • Quickly implement an effective cloud solution with no capital expenses.

In addition to data leak protection, Mimecast provides comprehensive email security services that include 100% anti-malware protection, cloud based email filtering to stop spam, protection from advanced targeted threats, and tools for sending emails and large files securely.

How Mimecast's data leak protection works.

Mimecast data leak protection solution enables administrators to manage policy from a single, web-based console and to apply changes in real-time. Mimecast examines all parts of every email, including body text, headers, subject lines, HTML and attachments to look for defined words and text patterns as well as inappropriate images. When an email violates a defined policy, Mimecast offers a choice of possible actions. Suspicious emails may be quarantined for review, blocked, copied to a specific group, delivered via secure channels, or sent with additional content such as disclaimers.

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