Data breach prevention

Data breach prevention built for advanced threats.

Data breach prevention built for advanced threats.

Data breach prevention is top of mind for nearly every organization today. Headlines about breaches and data leakage lead the news with alarming regularity, and the list of companies that have fallen prey to malicious attacks grows longer every month.

Failures in data breach prevention against internal and external threats can have big consequences. Whether it’s the inadvertent or malicious loss of intellectual property or the exposure of sensitive customer information, a data breach can bring on financial losses, legal action, and significantly damage to customer confidence and corporate reputation.

The challenge of data breach prevention is finding a solution that provides resilient security controls without stifling employee productivity. Additionally, a superior data breach prevention solution must provide tamper-proof evidence about data leaks for use in disciplinary actions and legal proceedings.

Mimecast offers a data loss prevention (DLP) solution that combines powerful protection with central management and ease-of-use.

Data breach prevention with Mimecast.

Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention is a cloud-based service that delivers organization-wide data breach prevention through seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange. Guarding against both inadvertent loss and malicious attacks, Mimecast’s service provides centralized management and real-time application of flexible and granular DLP security policies.

To identify potential data leaks, Mimecast’s solution scans all inbound and outbound email to evaluate against content policies established by IT administrators. Using pattern matching, keywords, file hashes and dictionaries, Mimecast scans all HTML, subject lines, headers, body text and attachments in search of potential leaks.

With Mimecast, data breach prevention policies can be managed from a single web-based console, with organization-wide changes applied in real time. Mimecast enables consistent policy enforcement, even during outages of email infrastructure, and educates users about data breach prevention best practices with automatic notification of policy transgressions.

Benefits of Mimecast’s data breach prevention solution.

Advantages of Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention include:

  • State-of-the-art protection against accidental and malicious leaks via email.
  • Tamper-proof audit trails to support legal and regulatory compliance needs.
  • A unified solution for policy enforcement across multiple sites.
  • A cloud solution that provides immediate effectiveness with zero capital outlay.
  • Centralized management of all email communication policies.

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