Cyber Security Awareness

    Increase cyber security awareness with Mimecast.

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    The Power Of Cyber Security Awareness.

    Increasing cyber security awareness among your users will undoubtedly help to prevent more cyber security threats. Email-borne threats have always targeted human beings, duping them into clicking on links, opening attachments or providing passwords and personal information that can be used to penetrate cyber security defenses. It doesn't matter how much you've invested in the latest cyber security tools or the most sophisticated cyber security strategies – if your users can't spot a suspicious link or a fraudulent email, your defenses are likely to be compromised.

    More than 90% of hacking attacks today begin with an email, and nearly one in four phishing emails are open by unsuspecting employees. By promoting greater cyber security awareness, you can transform your users from unwitting accomplices into frontline defenders in the war against cyber crime.

    When you want the tools to improve cyber security awareness among employees and to automate cyber awareness training, Mimecast offers state-of-the-art solutions.

    The Power Of Cyber Security Awareness.

    Increase Cyber Security Awareness With Mimecast.

    Mimecast provides comprehensive SaaS-based services for email risk management. Providing tools for email security, archiving and continuity on a single cloud-based platform, Mimecast significantly reduces the cost and complexity of cyber security management for email.

    Mimecast services help to stop attacks with advanced security services and cyber security awareness. Mimecast also helps to promote cyber resilience with business continuity solutions that provide access to email even during attacks and outages, and with multipurpose archiving that ensures email data is always safe, always available and always replicated in the cloud.

    Increase Cyber Security Awareness With Mimecast.

    Mimecast Tools For Promoting Cyber Security Awareness.

    Mimecast's Targeted Threat Protection suite provides dynamic user awareness tools that can help to improve and automate cyber security awareness. This service delivers real-time, on-click deep analysis of links in email, blocking employees from sites that are designated as malicious. When clicking on a suspected link, users will see a webpage with information about the email they received and about the website they are trying to access, and asking whether they fully trust the website they are about the visit. This cyber security awareness tool helps users understand their role as a "human firewall" and enhances their ability to identify potentially dangerous email and URLs.

    Mimecast can also prevent users from opening potentially harmful attachments, sandboxing them until they are deemed safe or transcribing them to say file formats.

    Learn more about improving cyber security awareness with Mimecast.

    Mimecast Tools For Promoting Cyber Security Awareness.

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