Cyber awareness

Promote cyber awareness with Mimecast

Cyber awareness is a critical component of cyber security.

Cyber awareness – an understanding of potential cyber threats and how a user can avoid them – must be a crucial part of any cyber security strategy.

Human beings are the weakest link when it comes to cyber security. Viruses, malware and advanced techniques that use social engineering are all betting on one thing – that one of your users will be naïve or distracted enough to click on a link, provide information or inadvertently take an action that opens up your organization to attack. No matter how much you invest in cyber security software and cyber security insurance, it may all be for nothing if you're not promoting cyber awareness among your users.

Increasing cyber awareness can have a significant impact on threat detection and cyber security. More than 90% of hacks today begin with an email attack, and as many as 23% of phishing emails are open by employees. Developing a cyber awareness strategy can go a long way toward making an employee a frontline defender in stopping these attacks, rather than an unsuspecting partner in executing them.

When you want to build a stronger cyber awareness program, Mimecast offers end-user empowerment and training services that can help employees to better understand cyber threats and vulnerabilities and give them the skills to identify and avoid them.

Promote cyber awareness with Mimecast.

Mimecast provides cloud-based services for email risk management that simplify the cost and complexity of email security, archiving and continuity. With comprehensive services for defending email from a wide variety of threats, Mimecast lets you avoid the headache and cost of implementing a wide variety of point solutions from multiple vendors. Administrators can configure and manage email services for cyber awareness and security from a single pane of glass, handling security configurations, backup and recovery, e-discovery and compliance requests with ease.



Mimecast solutions for cyber awareness

To increase cyber awareness, Mimecast provides dynamic user awareness technology as part of a service called Targeted Threat Protection – URL Protect. This cyber awareness tool lets administrators automate capabilities that help users become more aware of the risks of spear-phishing and targeted attacks. When a user clicks on a link that is suspected to be malicious, Mimecast will issue a prompt that warns the user about the link, preventing attacks and promoting a more cautious attitude about clicking on potentially dangerous links. Mimecast also helps to increase cyber awareness by tagging suspicious emails with warnings to alert users to potential social engineering and impersonation attacks.

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