Continuous data protection

Continuous data protection from Mimecast

Ensure email availability with continuous data protection.

Continuous data protection for email is essential to ensuring that email messages and attachments are always at your users' fingertips. Email has become the dominant form of business communication – email messages and threads provide invaluable documentation of transactions, agreements, business developments, negotiations and much more. Continuous data protection ensures that this information is consistently archived and protected against data loss and corruption.

Choosing the right continuous data protection solution is paramount. Any technology you add to your email system must be lightweight in order to not add delays or impede user productivity. Continuous data protection should be easy to manage, to avoid adding additional administrative burden to IT teams. And your continuous data protection technology must incorporate data encryption in order to provide the highest levels of security for your most sensitive documents.

When looking for superior continuous data protection solutions and the most secure email provider, more companies today are turning to Mimecast.

Continuous data protection from Mimecast.

Mimecast offers continuous data protection as part of its comprehensive suite of email archiving, continuity and security services. Delivered as a cloud-based subscription service, Mimecast's continuous data protection and DLP solutions help protect sensitive material while keeping email data continuously available to users.

Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving is a multipurpose cloud archiving platform that combines continuous data protection with automated tools for managing mailboxes and retention. Users can search archived email quickly and easily, thanks to Mimecast's intuitive interface and industry-leading, 7-second search SLA. And administrators can manage policy-driven retention with easy-to-use tools that simplify compliance and e-discovery requests.

Benefits of Mimecast's continuous data protection.

When you choose to protect your email data with Mimecast's continuous data protection, you can:

  • Protect email data. Mimecast's redundant cloud archive ensures that all email and attachments are continually backed up and protected from data loss.
  • Ensure availability. Mimecast's lightning-fast search tools enable users to find email quickly, while Mimecast Mailbox Continuity ensures users have access to live and historic email and attachments during outages due to disasters, hardware failure and cyber attacks.
  • Maximize security. Mimecast's archiving service and email encryption software ensures that three encrypted copies of each email are stored in multiple geographically-dispersed data centers.
  • Simplify management. Mimecast gives administrators centralized control of retention policies and comprehensive support for compliance requests, including legal hold, case management and data export functions.

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