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    Protect your organization from business email compromise scams

    Business email compromise (BEC) is a form of cyberattack intended to scam organizations by impersonating high-level executives and convincing employees to wire money to fraudulent accounts or lead sensitive information.

    Business email compromise scams frequently target businesses that have relationships with foreign suppliers and that regularly make wire transfer payments. By compromising official email accounts, hackers determine who has the credentials to initiate wire transfers and who has the power to request them. Attackers then use email to request a wire transfer to a fraudulent account or to gain access to critical and sensitive information that can be used for identity theft.

    Combating business email compromise requires a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to identify and block suspicious email before users can act on it. Tens of thousands of organizations worldwide, email security services from Mimecast provide highly effective protection from business email compromise attacks.

    Protect your organization from business email compromise scams

    Stop business email compromise with Mimecast

    Mimecast simplifies and reduces the cost of email security, email archiving and email continuity. Mimecast's comprehensive security services provide data leakage prevention tools, 100% anti-malware protection, cloud based email filtering for spam, secure email options, and Targeted Threat Protection to combat business email compromise and other advanced targeted threats.

    Mimecast email security services protect users on all the devices they use, including desktop, mobile and personal devices. This is a critical benefit for organizations where employees' personal devices are not protected at the same level as corporate devices, or where organizations lack comprehensive web security and endpoint protection. And as a fully integrated subscription service, Mimecast security solutions can be implemented quickly without additional infrastructure or IT overhead costs.

    Stop business email compromise with Mimecast

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    How Mimecast prevents business email compromise

    Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection and Impersonation Protect is Mimecast's highly effective solution for business email compromise. Impersonation Protect scans all incoming email in search of signs that indicate email may be suspicious. These may include:

    • Certain words or phrases in the body of the message such as "bank transfer" or "wire transfer".
    • A sending domain name that is a close-but-not-exact match to the recipient's domain name – attackers often dupe employees by using domain names that are visually similar to the recipient's corporate domain.
    • A recently registered domain — fraudulent domains are usually very newly registered.
    • A display name or friendly name that appears to be a spoof of an internal email address.

    When Mimecast identifies a message that may be part of a business email compromise scam, the email may be blocked, quarantined for review or sent on with a warning, depending on the preferred security posture.

    Prevent business email compromise scams and improve your Microsoft Office 365 email security with Mimecast. 

    How Mimecast prevents business email compromise

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