Avoid ransomware

Avoid ransomware with Mimecast

How to successfully avoid ransomware attacks.

As threats like the Crypto virus and Cryptowall continue to take corporate data hostage, organizations everywhere are seeking effective ways to avoid ransomware attacks.

All ransom virus attacks follow a similar script. A user receives an email or spam message containing malicious links or attachments that appear to be legitimate. The attachment may look like an invoice, Word document, a package notice or some other document the user receives frequently. When the attachment is opened or the URL is clicked, the ransomware virus is launched, encrypting files on the user's computer or on the corporate server. A message appears on the user's screen with instructions for how to pay a ransom to regain access to files held hostage.

To avoid ransomware attacks, organizations need anti ransomware technology that can warn users about suspicious emails or, even better, block access to malicious links and attachments. And to avoid ransomware damages to data and files, organizations need solutions that can provide easy backup and archiving of email messages and data.

That's where Mimecast comes in.

Avoid ransomware with Mimecast.

Mimecast offers email security, archiving and continuity services that can help to avoid ransomware attacks and the damage they can cause. Delivered as a cloud-based, subscription service, Mimecast helps to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of managing and securing business email.

To protect against ransomware attacks, Mimecast provides email security tools that block access to malicious URLs and neutralize malicious attachments. Mimecast scans every incoming and archived email and attachment, rewriting links and scanning destination websites on every click. When a website is deemed suspicious, Mimecast prevents users from clicking on the link or visiting the site.

To avoid ransomware in attachments, Mimecast preemptively sandboxes any attachments that may contain ransomware code until it is determined to be safe and can be sent on to the user. Alternately, if users need access to their attachments immediately, Mimecast can safely transcribe the content and attachment to a new format and deliver it to users right away.

Mimecast solutions to avoid ransomware damage.

Despite every effort to avoid ransomware and other threats, it is almost inevitable that some attacks will be successful. That's why Mimecast recommends a focus on cyber resilience to both avoid ransomware and to limit the damage it can wreak if an attack successfully breaches security defenses.

To protect against data loss from ransomware attacks, Mimecast provides a multipurpose cloud archive for email, files and IM conversations. With triplicate copies of each email stored in geographically dispersed data centers, Mimecast ensures that users will always have access to archived email even when ransomware attacks are successful.

Additionally, Mimecast Mailbox Continuity services allow users to continue using email during an attack, an outage or a natural disaster, so that business may continue without disruption.

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