DLP security

Achieve DLP security with Mimecast.

Achieve DLP security with Mimecast.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is an increasingly important part of a corporate security strategy today. Email makes it easier than ever for employees to leak sensitive data accidentally or on purpose, and a superior DLP security solution is critical to protecting information like customer records, intellectual property or business financials. Data leakage can cost an organization millions of dollars in fines, legal fees and loss of business.

Implementing a DLP security technology is not an easy task. Many solutions are difficult to use and require a great deal of time from IT staff already struggling with competing priorities.

Mimecast offers a DLP security solution that is not only easy-to-use and implement, but requires zero dollars in capital outlay to deploy. For a growing number of organizations around the world, Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention is the DLP security solution of choice.

Mimecast’s DLP security solution.

Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention seamlessly integrates with Microsoft messaging platforms to provide additional layers of outbound and inbound protection against inadvertent and malicious data leaks. Mimecast’s solution scans all email communications using flexible policies and pattern matching, dictionaries, file hashes and keywords to identify potential leaks and support compliance. When a possible leak is detected, Mimecast can reject the message, block it, quarantine it for review, encrypt it or deliver it using Mimecast’s Secure Messaging service.

Flexible and granular content policy management features enable administrators to set appropriate controls for specific groups and users. All DLP security policies can be managed from a single web-based console, simplifying the time required to deliver superior data breach prevention. Changes made to policies are applied consistently in real-time to all email traffic.

Mimecast can also automatically notify users when a sent email violates DLP security policy, helping to improve employee awareness. Mimecast enables organizations to remove hidden metadata from Microsoft Word documents to mitigate the risk of unintentional leaks.

Comprehensive DLP security benefits.

Benefits of Mimecast’s solution for DLP security include:

  • Advanced support for regulatory and legal compliance requirements.
  • Consistent policy enforcement during email server outages.
  • A single solution to enforce DLP security policy across multiple sites.

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