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Anti ransomware solutions from Mimecast

Defend your organization with anti ransomware technology.

As ransomware attacks occur with increasing frequency, companies everywhere are seeking effective anti ransomware solutions to defend against these costly disruptions to business. Ransomware attacks like Locky and the Crypto virus can impede productivity by taking "hostage" and blocking access to a user's files, and relinquishing access only after a fee or "ransom" is paid.

To defend against these attacks, anti ransomware technology must be focused on email security. Most ransomware attacks are launched from an email or spam message that contains a malicious URL or attachment. When the user clicks on the link or open the attachment, the virus executes a file that quickly encrypts documents and renders them unusable.

By preventing users from accessing suspicious URLs and attachments, anti ransomware technology can prevent most attacks. But since attack methods are constantly evolving, it's an enormous challenge to the feet every ransomware threat. That's why anti ransomware technology must also provide solutions to minimize the impact of attacks when they are successful.

Anti ransomware solutions from Mimecast.

Mimecast provides anti ransomware solutions that can prevent most attacks and significantly mitigate the damage of any successful attack.

Mimecast is an all-in-one subscription service providing tools for email security, archiving and continuity. As a cloud-based service, Mimecast is easy to implement and manage, eliminating the need for multiple on-premises solutions procured from various vendors.

Mimecast provides a multi-layered approach to anti ransomware technology and email security. Using state-of-the-art detection engines and sophisticated threat intelligence, Mimecast not only helps to protect from ransomware but to stop phishing, spear-phishing, CEO fraud, data leaks and other threats. Mimecast security solutions also include easy-to-use tools for sending secure messages in large files.

How Mimecast anti ransomware services work.

For ransomware prevention, Mimecast provides Targeted Threat Protection tools to block users from accessing suspicious URLs for opening malicious attachments. Mimecast scans all incoming and archived email, scanning destination websites every time a user clicks on a link. Links to sites that may initiate a ransomware, phishing or spear-phishing attack are blocked. Mimecast also scans attachments to block ransomware by preemptively sandboxing any suspicious documents. Alternately, if users require immediate access to attachments, Mimecast can transcribe the attachment to a safe format, neutralizing any threat within the code.

To minimize the impact of an attack, Mimecast Mailbox Continuity allows users to continue working with email even when primary email servers are down during an attack or outage. And Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides a robust and redundant repository of email data in the cloud, helping to prevent data loss and speed recovery after an attack.

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