Email Security Has Changed

Cyberattacks no longer stop at your email perimeter. From blended phishing and BEC attacks to insider threats and brand impersonation, the tactics are complex, the attackers relentless. You need a security strategy that’s as pervasive and persistent as the threats you work to combat every day.

Get the protection today’s threat landscape demands, minus the excessive cost and complexity, with Email Security 3.0.

Attacks don't stop at the email perimeter

Your security can’t either.

While email is still the number one attack vector, it’s far from the only way in. That’s why Email Security 3.0 provides fully integrated protection across three zones.

So much to protect, so many systems, so little time

So much to protect, so many systems, so little time

With 50+ integrations and an open standard, REST API, plugging Mimecast into your larger security system is fast and easy. You can automate key tasks, optimize protections, and use threat intelligence from the top attack vector – email – to make your IT teams and security systems smarter.


Threat Intelligence

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