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Critical IT Continuity Planning for a Secure Microsoft 365 National Health Service

As the UK’s National Health Service embraces Microsoft 365 security and productivity… Read More >

As the UK’s National Health Service embraces Microsoft 365 security and productivity services, there are lessons from WannaCry and Exchange Online downtime for protecting critical national infrastructure. In a time when effective healthcare has become the number one global priority, it’s… Read More >

Richard Botley

by Richard Botley

Senior Security Writer

Posted Jun 18, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Build Cyber Resilience into Office 365…

Threat intelligence teams know… Read More >

Threat intelligence teams know that cyberattacks are most frequently conducted via email, and they know many simple atta… Read More >

Renatta Siewert

by Renatta Siewert

Senior Security Writer

Posted Nov 01, 2019

Security, Office-365, Email Security
Uw e-mailverkeer overbrengen naar de cloud? Cyber Resilience is een must

Prevent cyber risks by not put… Read More >

Prevent cyber risks by not putting your eggs in everyone else’s basket. Microsoft's announcement that it has laun… Read More >

Mikey Molfessis

by Mikey Molfessis

Cybersecurity Expert, Mimecast South Africa

Posted Mar 20, 2019

Archiving, Office-365, Data Protection
Back-up en herstel van Office 365 in het Ransomware-tijdperk

The Old World Meets the New When It Comes to Backup and Recovery Many of us have the made… Read More >

The Old World Meets the New When It Comes to Backup and Recovery Many of us have the made the journey to Microsoft Office 365™ or are planning to do so soon. Many questions await us: how secure is it, who’s responsible for managing our data, do we need an archive, do we need to worry ab… Read More >

Garth Landers

by Garth Landers

Product Marketing Director, Archiving

Posted Nov 21, 2018

Office-365, Email Security
De problemen met multi-factorauthenticatie van Office 365/Azure resulteren in downtime

“@Microsoft: please don’t ruin Thanksgiving.” Ah, Thanksgiving. Typical… Read More >

“@Microsoft: please don’t ruin Thanksgiving.” Ah, Thanksgiving. Typically, a week full of family travels, exercising booked vacation time and in some cases, thinking ahead to bargain deals on Friday. But now, it’s perhaps not your typical week this week for those expecting t… Read More >

Pete Banham

by Pete Banham

Cyber Resilience Expert

Posted Nov 19, 2018

Continuity, Security, Office-365, Email Security
Azure/Office 365 Outages: The IT Admin's Guide to Conti…

A major outage in the US takes… Read More >

A major outage in the US takes down a key Microsoft datacenter and a host of cloud services in the process.  What t… Read More >

J.Peter Bruzzese

by J.Peter Bruzzese

Office 365 MVP

Posted Sep 06, 2018

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