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Cyberrisico's, cyberverzekeringen en de kostprijs van onderbrekingen

Here's the deal with cyber insurance.  Companies evaluating cyber insurance sometime… Read More >

Here's the deal with cyber insurance.  Companies evaluating cyber insurance sometimes complain that they don't know what they're buying, what it does and doesn't cover, how it compares to competitive offerings, and what it's really worth. An Ovum report commissioned by FICO reported that only … Read More >

Michael Madon

by Michael Madon

SVP & GM of Mimecast Security Awareness

Posted Sep 30, 2019

Continuity, Security, Cyber Resilience for Email, Awareness Training, Email Security
Internal Security Threats: A Problem that Continues to …

Mimecast’s “The St… Read More >

Mimecast’s “The State of Email Security 2019” report shows continued challenges from compromised and c… Read More >

Matthew Gardiner

by Matthew Gardiner

Director of Enterprise Security Campaigns

Posted Jul 15, 2019

Continuity, Security, Office-365, Email Security
Azure/Office 365 Outages: The IT Admin's Guide to Conti…

A major outage in the US takes… Read More >

A major outage in the US takes down a key Microsoft datacenter and a host of cloud services in the process.  What t… Read More >

J.Peter Bruzzese

by J.Peter Bruzzese

Office 365 MVP

Posted Sep 06, 2018

Finance, Banking, Financial Advising, Insurance, IT, Telecommunications, Media, Legal, Accounting, Marketing, PR, Advertising, Design, Engineering, Recruitment, Manufacturing, Retail, Estate Agents, Hospitality, Wholesale, Transportation, Construction, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Health, Government, Pharmaceutical, Education, Non Profit/Charities, Property Development, Sports & Entertainment, Travel & Leisure, Food, Healthcare Manufacturer, Continuity, Security, Email Security
Hoe snel kunt u zich herstellen na een cyberaanval?

Cyber resilience shifts focus from just preventing an attack to what happens after. Prote… Read More >

Cyber resilience shifts focus from just preventing an attack to what happens after. Protecting your business emails is about more than just filtering out spam, malware, and business e-mail compromise emails. In the context of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud-based systems, email be… Read More >

Garrett O'Hara

by Garrett O'Hara

Principal Technical Consultant

Posted Mar 07, 2018

E-mailbeveiliging tegen downtime voor office 365

All clouds have bad days. Are you prepared?  You’ve migrated your company to Office … Read More >

All clouds have bad days. Are you prepared?  You’ve migrated your company to Office 365™ for the benefits that come with moving to the cloud. But even with the cost savings and agility that can come from a cloud-based email solution, there’s one fact you can’t ignore – all clouds have bad days… Read More >

David Hood

by David Hood

Director, Technology Marketing, Mimecast

Posted Dec 05, 2017

Archiving, Continuity
Introducing Mimecast Sync & Recover. A new approach to …

Email Data Recovery from Mimec… Read More >

Email Data Recovery from Mimecast: Solving an Industry Disconnect According to new data from Vanson Bourne, commissione… Read More >

Julian Martin

by Julian Martin

Vice President of Global Channels and Operations

Posted Jul 19, 2017

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Office 365 gaat onderuit voor de derde zomer op rij

Voor de tweede opeenvolgende 30 juni kampte de dienstverlening van Office 365 met een storing. Zoals vermeld in The Inquirer ondervonden gebruikers in heel Europa problemen bij het inloggen. Hebt u zich ooit afgevraagd wat er aan de hand is met Office 365

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Petya Ransomware – Een actieplan om uw cyber resilience tegen de meest recente massale uitbraak aan te sterken

Ransomware deja vu  The global reach and considerable impact of the current Petya ransomware outbreak bears a remarkable similarity to the WannaCry attack of just a few weeks ago.  This outbreak should serve a…

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Mimecast voegt nieuwe continuïteitsfunctionaliteiten toe om verstoringen van het e-mailverkeer te controleren, meldingen te versturen en er sneller op te kunnen reageren

Uit een recent internationaal onderzoek van Mimecast onder 600 IT-deskundigen bleek dat 88% e-mail als een cruciaal onderdeel van hun organisatie beschouwt, terwijl 55% aangaf dat e-mail missiekritisch is. Dit is niet verwonderlijk; e-mail is vaak het eerste wat we 's ochtends controleren en de...

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Continuity, Office-365

Wees voorbereid: de 5 te stellen topvragen om de continuïteit in de cloud te waarborgen in het e-mailtijdperk

Microsoft® Office 365™ is proving popular and adoption continues to accelerate.  A recent Gartner study found that 78 percent of IT decision makers say their organization is already using or is planning to use Office 365. This is 13 percentage p…

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