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Cyberrisico's, cyberverzekeringen en de kostprijs van onderbrekingen

Here's the deal with cyber insurance.  Companies evaluating cyber insurance sometimes complain that they don't know what they're buying, what it does and doesn't cover, how it compares to competitive offerings, and what it's really worth. An Ov…

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Recente arrestaties omtrent zakelijke e-mailcompromissen benadrukken de waarde van e-mailbeveiliging

Operation reWired Leads to 281 Arrests In BEC Sting A four-month worldwide investigation into business email compromise (BEC) scams dubbed Operation reWired has led to 281 arrests by the FBI. According to a press release on Sept. 11 from the United …

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Archiving, Archive and Data Protection

Cyber Resilience Summit: Let's Build Information Mindfulness Together

Cyber Resilience Comes from CISOs, IT Pros, and Compliance Need a reason to attend the inaugural Mimecast Cyber Resilience Summit this October in Dallas?  We have plenty! Among them are the amazing set of speakers and industry experts on the ho…

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Verbeter uw Cyber Resilience-strategie: werk slimmer, niet harder

Managing your organization’s IT security environment is about as easy as herding cats. But, imagine what it might be like having the systems in that environment working together and complementing each other in a way that makes your job less ch…

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Cyber Resilience Summit - Getting the most out of Mimecast

A guide to your priority: maximizing value When it comes to security technology, understanding how to continuously optimize your solutions and get the most out of your investment is critical. Doing so is – first and foremost – essential t…

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Cyber Resilience Summit – Verkennen van de uitdagingen van archivering en gegevensbescherming

Learn new ways to optimize existing data protection technologies to make data migration easy in Dallas Cyber Resilience.  Certainly, a broad topic and the pinnacle of everything we do here at Mimecast. Resiliency can mean many things.  Of …

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