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AVG-obstakels prioriteren

4 AVG-obstakels om u op voor te bereiden In de tweede aflevering van onze blogserie '5 dingen om te weten voor 25 mei' praten we over het voorbereiden, prioriteren en aanpakken van uw AVG-obstakels. Naleving van de GDPR betekent uitgebreid kijken naar procedures en…

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E-mailaanvallen zijn geëvolueerd – is uw beveiliging mee geëvolueerd?

Email continues to be the number one threat to organizations around the world Why? Because it’s easy for attackers and hard for you. According to the latest Verizon Data Breach Report, email breaches have increased to account for 96% of incidents or…

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Traditionele beveiligingssystemen missen miljoenen e-maildreigingen

April ESRA Report Shows Continued Vulnerabilities to Email-Borne Threats We recently announced the fifth in our series of quarterly reports aggregated from our Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) testing program.  For those new to these tests,…

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Build Powerful Integrations with the Mimecast API

Mimecast launches new API Developer Portal What processes millions of requests a day and has been around for years? That’s right, the Mimecast API (Application Programming Interface). Now we’re opening the goodness of our API to customers, partners …

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Nieuws over cyber resilience, 3 april 2018

Catch up on the past week’s cybersecurity news. Attacks on local governments made headlines this week from Atlanta and Baltimore. And states like South Dakota are stepping up their data breach laws.  With the GDPR clock ticking down to the May …

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