Web and email security: better together.

Customers, partners, competitors, and security industry watchers have witnessed Mimecast storming into the security market over the past years with a heavy focus on cyber resilience for email in general and advanced email security in particular.

Our focus on anti-phishing focused security, in its many forms, with a purely cloud-based approach, has literally set us apart and enabled us to defend more than 31,000 organizations, most of which do not have the luxury of multi-million-dollar security technology budgets or large security staffs.

But, of course, while email is a key attack vector, it is most certainly not the only one used regularly by today’s cybercriminals. What is the other major vector used by attackers? No surprise, it is clearly the web. In fact, most moderately and more sophisticated attacks use both email and the web to get the malicious job done.

Attackers use email to get into the organization then pivot to the web to manage and expand their attack

Attackers generally use email to get into the target organization via a spear-phish and then pivot to the web to spread internally, enable their malware to communicate with their command-and-control infrastructure, and to exfiltrate data.

Today, many organizations have addressed their email security needs with a Secure Email Gateway such as what is provided by Mimecast. But to address their web security needs they’ve traditionally focused on a grab bag of primarily on-premises systems such as Unified Threat Management systems, web gateways/proxies, endpoints, firewalls and next-gen firewalls as well as products in multiple other web security product categories. Only now are many organizations shifting their web security controls to cloud-based systems.

While the world of email security has become simpler and more cost-effective in part due to the shift to cloud-based systems, the world of web security has only just started to make this transition.

Mimecast: Bringing Email and Web Security Together

Into this environment, Mimecast has launched our new web security service.  The Mimecast Web Security service protects against malicious web activity initiated by user action or malware (ransomware and other malicious software), and blocks access to business inappropriate websites, based on policy – all as a fully cloud-based service. This Mimecast service adds strong security at the DNS layer of the web and is easy to implement and manage.

When combined with the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway with Targeted Threat Protection, organizations can deploy a single, cloud-based service that protects against the two dominant cyberattack vectors: email and the web.

Why Email + Web Security Now?

Clearly, the security technology market, in general, is amid a major transition from on-premises based technical controls to cloud-based ones. But it makes no sense to recreate what exists on-premises, product-for-product, in a cloud-based service. Why move on-premises security silos to the cloud?

This change in architecture, as they always do, demands a rethink and refactoring of services into a more complete and integrated service. How else will average organizations afford to deploy and manage the security controls that they need to protect their businesses?

This is why Mimecast has expanded our security services to cover the web.

The service is available for a free 30-day trial for existing Mimecast customers. If you are interested in trying the service, register at https://info.mimecast.com/tryweb or email TryWebSecurity@mimecast.com.

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