More RSA Sessions that caught our eye.

With the abundance of great sessions, how do you choose what to check out? We’ve asked some of our RSA attendees to recommend some sessions that caught their eye. Here’s what they’re looking forward to.

Marc French – Senior Vice President & Chief Trust Officer

Swimming in a Sea of Enemies—The Dilemmas of the Threat Researcher This is a hot topic today with the CFAA and the encryption debate.

Threat researchers can find themselves in dicey situations they are unprepared for. This talk will discuss actual ethical and legal dilemmas of threat researchers including consorting with and deceiving criminals, groping thru stolen personal data, turning a blind eye to criminal activity, wandering into compromised systems, and the ultimate worse case: being corrupted and arrested by the FBI.

ChaoSlingr: Introducing Security-Based Chaos Testing  -  I am a big fan of chaos engineering to build for resiliency.

ChaoSlingr introduces the discipline of security testing into chaos engineering with the focus on driving failure out of the model and going beyond the reactive processes that currently dominate traditional security testing methodology.

Taking the Pulse on Cyber-Intelligence    

How strong is your organization’s cyber-intelligence program? What could you do better? Could innovative technologies solve your toughest cyber-intelligence challenges? Advance your organization’s cyber-intelligence program by learning about current research into what works for real organizations, challenges shared across sectors, and cyber-intelligence models and innovative technologies.

Post-Quantum CryptographyI am a bit of a crypto nerd and the idea of QC and the implications around how to future-proof long-term encrypted storage is pretty interesting for those of us that archive for 99 years.

Post-Quantum cryptography is discussed in relation to symmetric key and hash-based schemes. Topic 1: Cryptanalysis against Symmetric-Key Schemes with Online Classical Queries and Offline Quantum Computations Authors: Akinori Hosoyamada; Yu Sasaki Topic 2: Improving Stateless Hash-Based Signatures Authors: Jean-Philippe Aumasson; Guillaume Endignoux

Parrot Drones HijackingMore for fun. The whole concept of surveillance and hacking a remote drone is just cool.

The detailed architecture of the most relevant consumer drones will be introduced, continuing with the communications protocol between the pilot (app in the smartphone or remote controller) and the drone. Manual reverse engineering on the binary protocol used for this communication will lead to identifying and understanding all the commands from each of the drones, and later inject commands back.

Bob Adams- Product Marketing Manager - Security

SANS: Securing The Human: How to Build, Maintain and Measure a High-Impact Awareness Program - I know what you’re thinking – “Bob, did you pick the first session on the agenda?” Well, yes, but for a reason! The Human Firewall as we call it here at Mimecast is a crucial part of ensuring you have Adaptability in your organization.

Organizations have invested a tremendous amount of money and resources into securing technology, but little if anything into securing their employees and staff. As a result, people, not technology, have become their weakest link in cybersecurity. The most effective way to secure the human element is to establish a high-impact security awareness program that goes beyond just compliance and changes behaviors. This intense two-day course will teach you the key concepts and skills needed to build, maintain and measure just such a program. All course content is based on lessons learned from hundreds of security awareness programs from around the world. You will learn not only from your instructor but from extensive interaction with your peers, as well. Please bring example materials from your security awareness program that you can show and share with other students during the course.

Ransomware and Destructive AttacksNeed I say more? Your organization is constantly at risk as these attackers learn newer and more advanced tactics to target your users. This session will highlight a number of interesting topics and is bound to keep your thoughts hostage as you think of all the ways your current security may be leaving you exposed.

The impact of ransomware, destructive malware and related attacks is growing globally, with new actors taking part in leveraging crippling assaults. This seminar will provide a full day of focus on ransomware and its multi-faceted implications across technical, policy, compliance and financial responses. Full of firsthand case studies and lessons learned—some by virtue of being attacked directly and others hit downstream in the ripple effect, resulting in production losses—sessions will discuss the changing threat landscape, innovative research, response and recovery, and how to combat ransomware.

GDPR EssentialsThose 4 letters that haunt your dreams. GDPR is coming and you need to know how it may affect your organization. If you’re still in the 101 class on GDPR, join this session to get some further insight into what may be coming your way.

The GDPR is the first major change in EU privacy regulation in more than two decades and has far-reaching implications for worldwide organizations that touch the data of any EU citizen. In other words…fundamentally every medium- and large-sized company is impacted. With May 25, 2018, as the go-live date, many are struggling to be ready and wondering what the consequences really will be—and how fast the penalties will be imparted. This seminar will cover GDPR in depth, exploring fundamentals such as what’s allowed with customer profiling and how to approach the 72-hour mandated breach notifications and security requirements, providing tangible guidance on pitfalls to avoid. It also ponders if this is just the beginning of what looks to be a groundswell of international privacy and security regulation.

Finding Needles in a Haystack: Effective Indicators of Insider ThreatHonestly, do you trust your users?  Compromised users and other insiders could be putting your organization at risk – take a look inside this session to learn more.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with system telemetry as well as social and behavior indicators when it comes to identifying insider threat. In practice, what are some of the most effective indicators that you have used to identify insider threat, and do you focus those indicators on specific events (employee onboarding, contractor offboarding, etc.)?

Pete Banham – Product Manager

With data privacy and security being front and center with the upcoming GDPR deadline a lot of the sessions that piqued my interest centered around protecting your digital identity.

Fool Proof: Protecting Digital Identity in the Age of the Data Breach  

In the age of the data breach, there are no more secrets. Name, address, date of birth and Social Security number have been the de facto identity attributes for years. But as this information has become more exposed it’s time for organizations to rethink identity proofing and take a more holistic approach to knowing who they are doing business with online.

Skate to Where the Puck Is Going: The VC Perspective on the Security Market 

VCs from Bain Capital Ventures, Scale Venture Partners and Accel, moderated by the WSJ’s Rob Sloan, unpack what’s top of mind for security investors and how they’re thinking about the market in the context of increased nation-state attacks and high-profile hacks like Equifax and the SEC, the shift in legal accountability of breaches, GDPR and the threat from initial coin offerings.

Identify Theft through OSINT 

By randomly selecting a target on Google, the speaker was able to use tools to create an expansive profile on *Joe, primarily using search engines and social media, and was to pull all the cached data online. Also accessible through OSINT was EXIF data from his camera, showing where he lives and places he visits frequently, as well as his company’s email format and private IP addresses.

Adapt or Die—A CISO’s New Role in a Social Media First World

The way security practitioners must operate in today’s social and digitally focused, consumer-driven environment has fundamentally changed. This session will explore the convergence of business risk and revenue while providing concrete recommendations to immediately start adapting your information security thinking into a business security mindset.

Compromising a Fortune 500 Business without Hacking a Thing!

A simulated compromise of a Fortune 500 company as part of a social engineering competition will lead to discussion about how data was collected using open source intelligence (OSINT) beyond that of social media and tools. It will identify places to find data, providing insight into more valuable data sources. This will include a demo of OSINT techniques, phishing, and a pretexting discussion.

Into the Web of Profit: Tracking the Proceeds of Cybercrime

Dr. Mike McGuire will present the findings of a ground-breaking nine-month academic study examining where the proceeds of cybercrime go. The research will examine the typical origins, volumes and varieties of cybercrime; the movement and transformations of such revenues into forms that can be concealed or obscured from law enforcement; and the ultimate destinations and utilization of such revenues.

The Emerging Product Security Leader Discipline

Companies working to design security in desperately need expertise to guide engineering teams, giving rise to product security leaders as a new discipline. As coach, cop, caretaker, contributor, and counselor, it challenges in both technical and soft skills. Learn about the role’s prerequisites, see how the role has changed over time, and how it will evolve in a DevOps future.

Herbert Roitblat -  Principal Data Scientist

I am particularly interested in how people are using machine learning and artificial intelligence in security.  The days of manually constructed rules or manual review of risks is long over.  I’m looking at sessions that talk about how machine learning is used by defenders to remediate risks and by hackers to increase them.

Threat Hunting Strategy: How to Catch Bears and Pandas

Security teams in the private and public sector are increasingly recognizing the need to actively “hunt” for threats targeting their organizations. This panel will bring together leading experts to discuss their firsthand experience with various threat hunting models and debate the leading schools of thought as to the most effective use of threat hunting in security operations.

Hacking Exposed NextGen (AI Powered)

While hacking techniques rarely change or evolve, we have seen numerous hacks in 2017 be extremely successful. This session will look at the year’s headline hacks and offer likely explanations of each, how they worked and what went into each of them to make them so successful. Also, participants will discuss and demonstrate the potential for AI techniques to be used against the defenders.

How to Successfully Harness Machine Learning to Combat Fraud and Abuse

While machine learning is integral to innumerable anti-abuse systems including spam and phishing detection, the road to reap its benefits is paved with numerous abuse-specific challenges. Drawing from concrete examples this session will discuss how these challenges are addressed at Google and provide a roadmap to anyone interested in applying machine learning to fraud and abuse problems.

We hope you get a chance to attend some of these great sessions and if you do swing by 909 and let us know.

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