Why you might be wrong about the enterprise-wide value of email archives.

How One Myth about Email Archiving Can Hamstring Your Entire Company

Perception: Archiving only benefits our Legal and Risk Management Officers

Reality: The right email archive solution benefits the whole organization, including employees, IT administrators, partners, and customers.

So you think a clunky on-premises archiving is good enough because only a few people use it?

Au contraire.

Migrating to cloud archiving makes life better and safer for your entire organization. Here’s how.

  • Higher Productivity for Core Users. Your teammates over in Legal and Risk Management spend a large part of their day sifting through data and email archives. Modern cloud-based email archive software makes the search for email faster and streamlines processes critical for e-discovery and compliance. And before you dismiss email search as a trivial pursuit, consider this: According to data published in the Business Insider, 156 million emails are sent every minute. When you look at that over the course of one 40-hour workweek (as if!), the total number of emails dispatched is 374.4 billion. Even when you scale that back for your operation, that’s a boatload of emails to sort through. So, give your coworkers in Legal and Risk Management a break. They’ll achieve more with advanced search capabilities and mobile access that enables them to work from any device or location, even when they can’t get to the office.
  • Fewer Support Tickets for IT Team Members. Because recent cloud email archiving releases are more intuitive, you can democratize processes and empower more people to easily, properly and safely access their archives. They can search for what they need independently, without hitting your team up for help. And you have more time to invest in critical IT tasks that have a real impact on organizational performance. Sounds pretty good, huh?
  • More Data Mining & Analytics Capabilities for Marketing & Strategic Planning. A robust cloud archive solution creates a business opportunity to analyze all that data for trends and patterns. Deeper insights like this support innovation, data-driven decision-making, and better business performance. Woohoo!
  • Stronger Security & Resilience for Administrators. Many email archivers offer end-to-end encryption and other features that protect sensitive data from cyber thugs. And when something bad does happen, like a cyberattack or natural disaster, cloud archiving makes it faster and easier to recover valuable business information and keep the wheels of commerce turning. Learn how to get the entire organization involved in cybersecurity.

All this means your team and the entire staff is faster at completing important tasks that affect other departments or that help executive team and the board members make smarter decisions quickly. Everyone wins!

That’s probably why 33% of IT decision-makers say extracting insights from archive data will be a “driver” or “major driver” for adopting an archiving solution over the next two years, according to Osterman Research.

What are you waiting for?

Read more facts about email archiving in the cloud.

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