For the past 20 years, every time you deployed an Exchange environment, you surrounded it with an ecosystem of third-party solutions to bolster its capabilities and enhance the overall solution.  You added a secure gateway solution, a backup/recovery solution, an archive solution, a monitoring solution and so on.  These solutions were software-based, appliances or, in modern times, cloud-based solutions.

Enter Office 365.  What’s really changed?  Granted, it’s a hosted Exchange environment where Microsoft is now in control of the servers and databases, thus giving them the ability to do much more than what they could when the solution was deployed on-premises.  However, at the core, we still have a need to review the solution and determine where we can enhance it through third-party bolt-on options. So, how do you do that? And what are your options?

That’s what the Conversational Geek e-book, Office 365 Risk Mitigation, is all about.  We review Office 365 itself, the features and value.  Then we jump in and talk about the gaps. 

  • Is the security provided through the free EOP solution (or paid-for ATP solution) “good enough” for your organization in a world where ransomware attacks and spear phishing is so prevalent? 
  • Are your compliance needs being met by the legal-hold solution offered in Office 365?  
  • Are you comfortable with downtime? 

Office 365 goes down from time to time and your only recourse is to sit and wait.  In all three scenarios just mentioned (security, compliance, continuity) there are alternative choices you can make.  This book will educate you, help answer the tough questions, and suggest ways to fill those gaps.


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