News Flash: Cloud storage and cloud email archiving aren’t the same thing

Cloud storage is great, but it’s not the same thing as cloud archiving.

Perception: My business won’t need archiving once we move to the cloud.

Reality: Um, no. Storage just holds your stuff. Archiving makes sure you can use it.


You need a place to store your organization’s email and data archive. But space is only part of the equation. You also need email archive software. (Don’t believe me? Here’s why.)

Think about it this way.

You put all your stuff in a storage locker. Its climate controlled, you’ve got a good padlock on it, and there’s concertina wire around the property. You’re good, right?


If the stuff is just piled in there, it’ll take forever to find that box of letters from your mom when that wave of nostalgia overcomes you. And there’s a chance some critters have been using that precious papyrus for an appetizer. Or worse, a savvy criminal snipped the concertina wire, snapped your padlock, tossed your stuff and/or used their own lock on your door. 

Dude, your cloud storage solution is that storage locker.

But if you have a cloud email archiver, you can trick out your cloud storage so it’s searchable and safe. Cloud archiving solutions empower you to:

  • Search fast for emails using keywords and other filters, and do it at any time from anywhere via mobile devices.
  • Extend access – safely – to more people in the organization, reducing the need for intervention and support from the IT team.
  • View a detailed log of every single time someone has touched that email, protecting your email archive from accidental and malicious deletion – and verifying the chain of custody.
  • Protect your data archive from malware and other cyber threats with encryption and other security features. Not-so-fun Fact: According to Mimecast research, it takes an average of 3 hours to clean up a basic malware attack.

So stop conflating cloud storage with cloud archiving and start investigating archive data solutions.

Read more facts about email archiving in the cloud.

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