Get Ready to Think Differently About Archiving

What does the word “archive” mean to you? Something that is old, musty and boring? Or maybe a necessary evil required to maintain compliance and e-discovery requirements? Perhaps archive means expensive storage, infrastructure cost, and complexity? Are you starting to run out of steam?

You see, archiving means something different to all of us, depending on what your job is. Most archiving systems built in the era of on-premises IT benefit very few people in your organization, in turn, creating a lot of complexity and pain. But, as we see what is possible with cloud computing and the increasing strategic value of data, we thought it was time to look at archives differently.

Archiving Then.

At its core, an archive is a centralized repository of unstructured data, like email and documents. These have been copied from production systems, like email servers, to ensure they are safely preserved and that huge amounts of data don’t bog it down. An archive is a nicely aggregated, grouping of data that might have come from multiple different systems or owners – overcoming the data fragmentation problem, bringing some order to data chaos. This is frequently associated with ensuring compliance, with regulations like GDPR and managing e-discovery tasks.

But, we asked ourselves the questions: “Can your archive be more significant and strategic to your business?” And, “Can your archive be more useful to your operations team than you thought?”

Archiving Now.

Today, an archive is your digital memory; a vast treasure trove of corporate knowledge. It’s a repository that must respect the bounds of privacy and must be secure.

Mimecast has spent years trying to perfect the archive. I believe we are one of the longest-running, large-scale cloud archive operations in the world. Tens-of-thousands of customers, including some of the most information-security-sensitive and demanding organizations in the world, trust us and the list keeps growing. We’ve established an incredible opportunity to innovate on behalf of thousands of organizations to make data safer for the long-term.  

Now, you can take advantage of what comes next.

Your Perfect-World Cloud Archive.

We’ve spent our time doing three primary things:

  1. Creating a cost-effective platform for customers – so it becomes a no-brainer to invest in an archive strategy for organizations because we believe every organization should have an archive – not just compliance-driven ones.
  2. Creating the best-performing archive – so when you are searching for data, you find it fast. Fast search can help you think, discover and remember things. It’s your digital memory and needs to be quick to support your own memory and recall capabilities. And besides, the world has enough slow, underperforming archives already.
  3. Making your corporate data valuable and accessible to each person in your organization. To deliver something truly valuable to everyone in your organization and to make this data repository valuable and meaningful to all your stakeholders, has taken some serious innovation and design.

We’ve grouped stakeholders into four major groups:

  1. End-users: Imagine being able to just delete data or emails from your inbox guilt-free, knowing you could find it again in a few seconds. That’s how our users work - without leaving Outlook – or directly on your phone when on the move – they can find anything again, fast.
  2. Compliance and E-Discovery: Imagine being able to cut your costs significantly by finding data fast and paring down to exactly what you need for an investigation or a case. We’re talking about searching multi-year repositories, petabytes of data – needle-in-a-haystack-type stuff – where often in the past it’s been finding the haystack in the first place that’s been the challenge. The needle would be a luxury – and so costs run up. We’ve worked hard to make your workflows easy and your responses instant, saving you time and money, and giving you a clear picture of your situation, fast.
  3. Developers:  We can’t imagine all the ways in which you may want to use your corporate data, now or in the future. But we know your data is valuable to you, so we’ve built an API for you to use. You can integrate your data into other applications, or use some of our pre-built integrations – like our tool that allows your CRM to know what your email archive knows about a customer or prospect. No more guessing; it’s powerful stuff. And in the future, as you think about leveraging machine learning and AI, having control of your data and API-driven access to leverage these emerging technologies will be even more strategic and a competitive imperative. So, we’re getting you and your data ready for that, too.
  4. IT Operations:  We heard time and time again, that on-premises archives are slow, often unreliable and unpredictably expensive. They require a lot of infrastructure to run as they swell in size, need to be backed up – and now don’t integrate well with cloud solutions like Office 365 and G-Suite. So, we’ve fixed that with incredible performance that your users will love; predictable per-user costs year-over-year; and seamless integration with your Microsoft and Office 365 investments. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make migration of your legacy data to us easier. And we’ve built in the ability for you to use your archive to restore data in Exchange and Office 365 – because at some point you’ll be glad you had an independent backup. Malicious action, ransomware, technology failure or human error can all risk data in your live systems – and when something goes wrong or data goes missing, you are prepared because we make it easy for you to get that data back.

Are you thinking differently about archiving yet? We are, and we think you will love what we have to offer.

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