What happens when your archive data solution has an #epicfail?

Despite the popularity of the Worst Case Scenario franchise, few of us want to consider all the things that can go wrong when our legacy archiving solution is offline. Sure, we have rapid response plans for getting the system back up, but the impact of an on-premises system going down has a ripple effect across multiple areas of your organization.

Here’s a quick look at 7 things that can go wrong when you experience an information archiving #epicfail:

  1. Lost Data. A server crash always puts archived data at risk, which has ramifications for legal and regulatory compliance. It also diminishes corporate intellectual capital and institutional memory.
  2. Unnecessary Spend. If you can’t access your data, you have to pay someone to recover it for you. And that’s never cheap. IHS Markit research shows that downtime-related losses cost the business about $700 billion annually.  
  3. Tanked Productivity. When your system’s located in one physical place, a disruption there causes a disruption everywhere. Your entire organization grinds to a halt.
  4. Limited Visibility. On-premises data solutions don’t make sense when your mailboxes and everything else is in the cloud and mobile-enabled. Without a single-pane-of-glass console to monitor operations, you may not even know when your data is at risk.
  5. Diminished Access. If a fire, flood or other disaster force your staff to work off-site, they’re going to need remote and mobile access to the archive to complete critical tasks and keep projects on track.
  6. Increased Liability. If you can’t quickly respond to requests for archived business emails from regulatory agencies, clients or the courts, you could be at risk for fines, sanctions, and other penalties.
  7. Compliance Violations. When archive data solutions go down, you can’t accurately monitor, track or access critical information, and you may end up missing important reporting deadlines or create other compliance violations.

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