Educating your entire organization on advanced security. 

Cybersecurity isn’t just a concern for your IT department. In fact, every employee who accesses the cloud interacts with the Internet of Things or opens an email is an important member of your organization’s cybersecurity resilience team.

We created this series to help you understand why cybersecurity efforts must involve the entire organization so you can advocate effectively for an awareness and training program, and make better decisions about executing such an initiative.

The idea that we can’t defend against cyber threats, “that they are too pervasive,” is a myth that must be busted, particularly with top management, per Jessica Robinson, CEO of PurePoint International, a New York-based business-security firm. “We can defend against them –people must be trained on what do to.”

Mimecast’s Mark O’Hare concurs. “Employees need to understand they are the ‘human firewall’ sitting behind security technology,” he says. “It’s no longer just about how to protect the organization – make cybersecurity education about the user. Show them how to educate their friends and family on cybersecurity.”

Use this information to ease your anxiety about cybersecurity, make it easier to do your job and create direct bottom line impact. By educating your entire organization on advanced security, you’re ready to advocate and plan for a data security protection awareness and training program.

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Matthew Gardiner

by Matthew Gardiner

Director of Product Marketing

Posted Aug 02, 2017

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