We at Mimecast are announcing a new archiving feature. It’s called Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365. Sync & Recover is designed to simplify the process of recovering email and other Exchange data by leveraging your cloud archive.

If you’re like a lot of organizations out there, the cloud plays prominently into your IT plans. According to Microsoft, its Office 365 cloud productivity suite now serves over 100 million users and is growing at a rate of 2.5 million users each month.

So maybe you’re already running your email in the cloud. Or maybe you’re running your email on-premises. Or – very likely – you’re serving some email users on-premises and others in the cloud.

Whatever your email environment, there are 5 reasons why you probably need Sync & Recover to take your cyber resilience to the next level.


Reason #1: Office 365 offers no backup and recovery capability.

While Office 365 email is a great way to get out from under the cost and labor required to run email on premises, the troubling truth is: there’s no backup. Now Microsoft maintains redundant email stores for its own, internal use, but there’s no separate copy of emails from which you can perform recoveries in case of loss or corruption.

And when things happen with Office 365 – as we know they do from time to time – your business-critical email data can be lost forever.

Sync & Recover is designed specifically to give you that recovery.


Reason #2: Malware.

Malware is an ever-present threat these days. Email-borne cybercrime has grown more sophisticated, so getting hit by a malware attack is a matter of when not if. Your email data is strategic and valuable, and a prime target for cybercriminals.

Sync & Recover gives you a simple tool to restore data lost or corrupted by malware.


Reason #3: Technical failure.

Of course, we face the constant threat of technical failure. With increasing complexity comes the heightened risk that something can go wrong that will damage or destroy your email data.

Sync & Recover offers simplified protection against the risk of failure in our complex world.


Reason #4: We’re only human.

Despite all our precautions and best practices, mistakes happen.

Like the moment when it hit you that the one email you needed for Monday’s meeting was in the batch that you purged in your cleaning binge two months earlier?

There’s also the threat – very real – but that none of us wants to think about: the rogue insider. One single act by one loose cannon with admin privileges can bring a world of hurt.

Sync & Recover offers relief from human frailty.


Reason #5: Simplicity.

There are dozens of point solutions out there you COULD lean on to safeguard your email data. But how many individual platforms do you really want to manage? And how many vendors in your environment is too many?

Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 gives you intuitive control over all your Mimecast cloud services, whether they include security, archiving continuity, or any combination of these. One powerful, integrated console. Simplify the job of managing the full breadth of Mimecast services.

Reduce your operational complexity, while you protect the email data you rely on to collaborate, compete, and innovate in today’s amped-up business environment.

With Sync & Recover, you can pull out even more value from your email archive than you could before. You can put it to work to restore email data that’s been lost or corrupted. And you can do so as a point-and-click operation.

What’s more, Sync & Recover gives you the ability to replicate data from your users’ Outlook calendars and contact lists, in case these too are lost or corrupted.

And no matter where you are in your cloud journey – on premises, in the cloud, or running a mix of on-prem and cloud – you can keep business uptime where you want it with this powerful feature.

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