Missed the latest news in today’s cybersecurity world? Having trouble keeping up with all the various news stories on ransomware? No problem! Mimecast has got you covered. Our Trending News blog series will bring you up to speed on recent industry news in one place. Check out our top 10 news articles regarding cybersecurity, ransomware and more for the month of April.


1. Ransomers Are Coming for Your Internet-Connected Teddy Bears via New York Post

  • Half a million customer accounts exposed via data breach of internet connected smart teddy bears. http://mim.ec/2lDo3Eu

2. A Phishing Campaign About Nothing via SC Magazine

  • A new email phishing scam sends emails with no text in the email body, just an attachment with malware. http://mim.ec/2nPswbk

3. Half of All Phishing Attacks in 2016 Targeted Financial Data via eSecurity Planet

  • According to a Kaspersky Labs report discussed in this article, half of phishing attacks aimed at stealing victims’ money. http://mim.ec/2mxmNGq

 4. Phishing: Draining the Corporate Bottom Line via Computer World

  • Robert C Covington explains how the cost of being a corporate phishing victim far outweigh the cost and time of putting a prevention plan in place.http://mim.ec/2oltlX7

5. More Than 120,000 Affected by W-2 Phishing Scams this Tax Season via CSO

6. What’s the Difference Between State-Backed Hackers and Cybercrime Gangs? Nothing At All via ZD Net

  • As organized cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, businesses now need to worry about more than just government based hacking groups.http://mim.ec/2oCF8zA

7. Trump Seeks $1.5B for Cybersecurity in FY 2018 DHS Budget via Bloomberg BNA

  • The Department of Homeland Security would receive $1.5 Billion for cybersecurity efforts under President Donald Trump’s budget blueprint for fiscal year 2018. http://mim.ec/2nAsUrF

8. Two Major US Technology Firms ‘Tricked Out of $100M via BBC News

  • A man from Lithuania pretended to be a legitimate business partner of two US tech companies via an email phishing scam, ultimately conning the two companies out of $100 Million. http://mim.ec/2nzOnkC

9. Cybercriminals Exploit March Madness Frenzy via Dark Reading

  • Users looking to stream matches during March Madness should beware as malicious phishing activity has increased with fake phishing pages and adware potentially exposing confidential data to hackers.  http://mim.ec/2nzTKR4

10. Open-Source Developers Targeted in Sophisticated Malware Attack via PC World

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