Episode 1:  Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Canada



Q: J. Peter, where are you?

A: Greetings! This week I’m in Toronto Canada. Toronto is an interesting place to visit. Whenever I visit a city I like to do a couple of touristy things. Here in Toronto I went up the Toronto CN Tower, visited the aquarium, and went to Casa Loma (which, if that doesn’t ring a bell, it’s a huge castle-like house built in 1914 and, most importantly, it has been used in the XMen movies for Xavier’s School. One other cool thing about Toronto is that it’s only 1 hour and a half from Niagra Falls, which is an amazing place.

One cool geeky note is that Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse created the first major AC current hydroelectric power plant in Niagra Falls in 1895 and there is a statue of Tesla right near the falls on the Canada side.

Q: Why are you there?

A: This week I’m at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference here in Toronto Canada. It’s completely booked out with partners and attendees. The vibe is positive and upbeat although there is a slight tension due to world events with an added layer of police protection.

Microsoft is not oblivious to the times and the Keynote was kicked off by a singer and poet named K-naan with his song “Waving Flag”. He was joined on the stage by a group of children from all parts of the globe singing the song beautifully in acapella at the end. I think I saw a few tears… or maybe I shed a few tears. Hey… no judging. 

Q: What are you there for?

A: I’m here at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto Canada for several reasons. First off, I’m here to cover the event as a journalist for InfoWorld. I write the Enterprise Windows column. Second, I’m here to gain insight on the future goals of Microsoft, especially with regard to the cloud and Office 365. I can use that insight in my writing and speaking engagements, and it’s especially helpful when I travel and speak for Mimecast about developments on the Microsoft side with Exchange and Exchange Online.

Typically when I attend WPC I attend the Keynote and then spend most of my time talking to vendors in the expo to see what they’re working on, what they feel is important and what is the overall focus on the floor. It’s a good show. Very different from others I typically attend like Ignite or Techmentor where the vibe is more IT admin focused. WPC is more business and partner focused.

Hey, I hope you’ve enjoyed following me to Toronto for WPC 2016.

Where am I going next? Nashville Tennesee!!!


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