Last week we saw two of the most important occasions in our UK channel world – this year’s UK Mimecast Partner Awards and CRN Fight Night 2016. This time, we were proud to sponsor fight night along with other tech brands such as AMD and Trend Micro.

And we were pleased to cheer on our fighter Lenny 'The Lone Wolf' Bowers, who secured a well-earned draw, going the full three rounds. Congratulations to Lenny - all the training and dedication paid off, and I can say, as I was next to the ring, it was a heroic performance.

Softcat won Premier Partner of the Year

The Mimecast Partner Awards were held just before the fight and were equally as exciting. Five winners were announced in total (detailed at the end of this post) and some exclusive material was previewed by Mimecast.

Alan Kenny, GM Europe, and I provided an overview of the UK channel strategy to partners, which includes a new and larger Mimecast team to support partners as well as some partner program updates that will help increase deal conversion and protect partner’s Mimecast customer base.

Also, Alex Bender, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing explained how Mimecast would be positioning our brand this year.

We also lifted the lid on the expanded range of products on offer from Mimecast this year and heard from our CTO, Neil Murray, about the evolution of our technology platform which delivers our services.

The reaction and engagement we get from the Partner Awards always highlight how honored we are to have a large and highly committed partner channel in the UK…thank you to our partners from me and all of the UK team at Mimecast!


Mimecast Partner Awards 2016 Winners

Premier Partner of the Year: Softcat

This is the premier award and recognizes the partner that has generated the highest revenue in the last year and demonstrates exemplary dedication to its partnership with Mimecast.

Growth Partner of the Year: Bytes Software Services

This award goes to the partner that has achieved the highest level of growth.

Champion of the Year: Dean Zachariades, CDW

This goes to the individual within a partner organization who has demonstrated strong support for Mimecast’s technology and is responsible for securing significant customer results.

Customer Excellence Partner of the Year: IT Lab

This is for the partner that has shown unrivaled dedication to customer service excellence.

Technical Services Partner of the Year: Sprout IT

This award recognizes the partner with exemplary levels of technical proficiency and customer assistance on Mimecast’s services.

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