Email stationery seems to be one of the most valuable, yet under-utilized, pieces of business real estate available. Why is this so? Well, it’s generally a hazy area of responsibility that sits between IT and Marketing and is often given very little consideration. It can, however, be a trackable and intuitive piece of advertising space in a business email if used properly.

Why should email stationery have your attention?

Consider the vast numbers of emails that get sent out of your organization to customers and potential customers each day. Each of those emails could act as an opportunity to market your current services or product updates, alert an identified group of recipients to specific campaigns or promotions you’re running, or even lead them to relevant information (like your social media platforms) to help you better engage with them. Email stationery also has a corporate governance role to play, ensuring that important company disclaimers and email signatures are included and managed appropriately.

 As we offer email stationery and associated training for free to Mimecast customers, we decided to check how it’s being used by running a competition with our South African customers and partners at the end of 2015. The judging was based on the aesthetics and functionality of the email stationery, taking into account what the applicants had leant and applied from their training with Mimecast. We received incredible feedback and selected a winner and a runner-up based on their stationery and entry information.

Winning piece – Edusport

Anne-Marie Green, Digital Marketing Manager for Edusport sent through the below banner and entry: “Mimecast has enabled us to showcase our sports travel packages; for this particular one we have used images that entice the user to attend the Hong Kong 7s. As you can see the images show what fun you could have at the event, that it is about rugby and provides the main info you need - dates and price. People interested in this package or campaign would be youngish individuals who enjoy a fast game of rugby as well as a party vibe at the stadium.

We have also been able to link to our social platforms, provide the client with a sports calendar link as well as a survey so we can find out how we are doing.”

Edusport stationery

Our runner-up – Progression

Sam de Boer submitted the below banners which communicated a specific campaign Progression ran towards the end of last year.

Progression stationery

Progression stationery 2

To learn more about our email stationery training, please visit our website and book your seat to attend our online or classroom training (Johannesburg only).


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