Organizations of all sizes, across all industries, rely on archiving solutions to preserve critical data for compliance and e-discovery, and email is a primary contributor to these systems. 

For archiving, we’ve historically relied on tapes, discs and third-party storage services, but now, it’s the cloud. That most recent change has driven the biggest shift as companies look to take advantage of cloud-based technology that reduces costs, improves scalability and provides anywhere, anytime access.

Cloud Has Changed Archiving

Consider the following:

  • Over 112 billion business emails are sent each day. The number of emails continues to increase, straining archives not designed to scale efficiently. A related problem is that many email archiving solutions do not provide an easy way to search and find important messages. This dramatically limits the value to end users.
  • The number of cloud services actually being used by organizations is about 15 times larger than IT departments assumed. The problem of Shadow IT and monitoring the information flow for adherence to compliance and regulations is getting larger.
  • How employees access information has changed dramatically in the last five years. In 2011, only 8 percent of email was opened on a mobile device. Fast forward to 2015 and nearly 50 percent of email is opened on either a smartphone or a tablet. This growth of over 500 percent  demonstrates the need for employees to have instant access to archived information.
  • A leading analyst firm recommends deploying enterprise information archiving as software-as-a-service (SaaS). They estimate per-seat costs of SaaS solutions are approximately four to six times less expensive.

Arguably the legal industry has the most stringent requirements for archiving based on the need to rapidly search and find critical communication.  With nine offices in the US and Europe and over 230 lawyers, the law firm Brown Rudnick certainly has a unique perspective on the archiving needs of any organization. In fact, the firm receives in excess of 300,000 emails each week!

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