The future of archiving is in the cloud and I believe on-premises storage is in rapid decline. And innovation here goes way beyond just providing safe, affordable storage.

“Archiving as a service (aka cloud archiving) has rapidly surpassed on-premises archiving as the preferred deployment model for most organizations”, stated the analyst firm, who also positioned Mimecast in the ‘Leaders’ section of the report.

Gartner EIA MQ 2015

 As a cloud-only company we are at the forefront of this move and innovation. Our data centers around the world together store over 100 billion emails and more than 13 petabytes of customer data – and this is growing rapidly every month.

We have invested considerable time and effort into leading the industry in email and data archiving technology, and doing this completely in the cloud. Unlike many of our on-premises or hosted archiving competitors, we designed and built a cloud service able to scale to meet the storage, protection and data sovereignty requirements of customers of all sizes, not just those bigger enterprises with deep pockets.

Being a leader here means going beyond just storing customer data safely. We believe providing access to this critical data is equally as important. This helps employees at our customers to access their archive, resurface emails and information to help make them more productive.

Our cloud infrastructure and search technologies mean we can store huge volumes of live and legacy archive data, which grows with the customer every day, and make it available for e-discovery. This is also why we’re confident to offer an end-user search SLA of seven seconds. In fact, our current average search time is much lower. And our mobile and desktop apps mean that employees can access their whole ‘active’ archive from their device of choice – even on the move – smartphone, tablet or desktop. And no need to go to the IT team to do it either.

If you’d like to hear more about our approach to archiving in the cloud or grab a copy of Gartner’s report on us – just click on the image in this post.

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