The Rise of Cybercrime-as-a-Service

It’s long been said that when botnets first appeared, they were the first usable forms of cloud computing. Now with hindsight they fit the NIST definition of cloud computing very well and have become rapidly scalable and on-demand.More recently crimi…

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Office 365 and Always-On Email in a Cloud First World

As many began to return home from its Worldwide Partner Conference this week, Microsoft confirmed an outage of Office 365 email.According to Microsoft Support, it appears that affected users were unable to connect to the Exchange Online service, incl…

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Productivity, Continuity, Security

New Mimecast Services Extend Spear-Phishing Protection

Yesterday, we announced two new measures designed to protect against spear-phishing. Attachment Protect and User Awareness reduce the threat from malware-laden attachments, and help IT teams raise employee security awareness. Both services are availa…

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