A Little Trust in Humans = A Major Email Security Issemail security, spear phishing, cyber attack, email attack, spear phishing attack, malware attack, threat protection, cloud outages ue

It was reported earlier this month that Russian hackers accessed President Barack Obama’s email system inside the White House. When asked to comment on the attack, Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes, said: “We do not believe that our c…

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Stand Together to Fight Cybercrime in South Africa

Cybercrime in South Africa has increased drastically, costing 0.14 percent of GDP or around R5.8 billion between 2013 and 2014, according to McAfee’s Global Cost of Cybercrime Report. Tackling this threat to our country needs a collaborative approach…

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Introducing Mimecast Secure Messaging

Email wasn’t designed for sending sensitive or confidential information yet it remains the most common form of communication in business. Meanwhile, traditional approaches to encryption have been costly and complex.Credit card details, personal ident…

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