- Protect their organization by improving email and data security from the growing volume and sophistication of security threats they face every day. - Ensure their business carries on when the primary email service is out of action with our continuity services. - Archive the rapidly growing volumes of email communication and associated data safely in the cloud, and off their own on-premise infrastructure.

Thursday mornings don't get more exciting than this. Yesterday I was asked to represent Mimecast at a briefing hosted at Number 10 Downing Street by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron.

We were one of only ten UK technology companies invited to speak to an audience of leaders of some of the world biggest companies and other members of the Government – the event was called ‘Pitch 10’. The goal was to showcase the strength and talent of the UK tech scene. It was great for Mimecast to be recognized again for our work in this way and to join other inspiring companies carving their own paths as innovators and businesses.

My brief was pretty simple. Come and tell us about the company and what you have achieved.

Firstly I’d say that this event, and others, show that the UK tech scene is something to be admired. It’s a vibrant and diverse community of innovators and business people right across the country and from around the world. London’s Tech City gets a great deal of the press and plaudits of course but it was good to see firms from other parts of the UK represented.

As those who follow us closely will know we're a cloud email, security and archiving business. So job number one was to explain our view about the criticality and primacy of email in business.

When you take a moment to think about it you realize quickly that we all rely on email. Email is the communications and data backbone of all organizations large and small, private or public sector. It underpins our communication, collaboration and decision making. It carries our ideas, insights and knowledge. It stores and exchanges contracts, orders and business commitments.

Because of this, managing, storing and protecting email (and the valuable data it contains) is a critical consideration for IT teams. This is where we come in. We help customers move to the cloud and solve three critical challenges beyond the mailbox.

We help them:

Now traditionally organizations have put several independent systems on their IT infrastructure to address these email needs, adding considerable cost and complexity. Mimecast’s secure cloud platform enables organizations to protect their corporate email and data; move these security, continuity and archiving services off their own IT infrastructure safely to the cloud, and decommission these additional systems, freeing budget and resources for other priorities.

I'm pleased to say that the reception to our story was very warm and supportive. We're proud of what we’ve achieved for our customers. We also see a great deal more opportunity and chance for innovation still to be grasped.

So as probably the world’s most famous front door shut behind me, it was straight back to our offices in The City in London and back down to the day job. 

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