Office 365 is more than fulfilling the potential we explored on this blog in March. According to Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper, at the recent SharePoint 2014 conference, Microsoft’s Office 365 has completed its 18th consecutive quarter of triple-digit revenue growth.

No wonder - the Office 365 proposition is now even more compelling with new iOS apps being well received and next generation business tools like Office Graph capturing the imagination. So, with momentum building, when CIOs consider switching to Office 365 surely the answer is a simple ‘yes’?

For enterprise organizations, it’s actually more complicated.

For these companies the choice of third party on-premises services, like downtime contingency and multi-layered security, reinforces their core Microsoft services to meet their requirements. However, there isn’t a simple migration path to Office 365-compatible equivalents of these usually complex and costly point solutions.

So what’s the answer? It’s certainly not to wait – moving to the cloud is inevitable and to delay adoption of Office 365 would mean your business would miss out on improved agility and reduced cost of ownership. But equally, you don’t want to run the risk of critical business systems like email being exposed to attack or interruption. The fact is, when it comes to your data, any risk is too much risk.

The answer is actually a blended-cloud approach.

A secondary cloud service, like Mimecast, can work seamlessly with Office 365 to enhance security and help ensure business continuity, data redundancy and archiving requirements are met. This is why today we announced a range of new services for Microsoft Office 365 that address some of the concerns CIOs have had about moving to the cloud, paving the way for a swift and risk-free migration.

Mimecast Services for Office 365 will be available in July. Enterprises can select from a range of targeted solutions or opt for a bundle of risk mitigation services. A blended-cloud solution combines the benefits of two clouds into a single, multi-layered service offering, diversifying risk across more than one vendor. Enterprises get key capabilities that help them adopt cloud solutions faster, and allow them to benefit from cloud innovation and agility. If you’d like to find out more about Mimecast Services for Office 365, take a look at our video here.

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