When Bloor’s ‘Taking control of file sharing services’ white paper was made public on this blog last month we were pleased it became a hot topic in numerous conversations with customers and prospects planning their file sharing strategy.

As predicted, it’s a report which taps into the growing trend of office workers using consumer-grade personal file sharing services to send and store corporate data. However, there have also been a number of new conversations and ideas sparked by the report we are keen to explore further.

The increasing interest in IT-sanctioned file sharing service is why we’re hosting a free 40 minute webinar with Bloor (‘Deal with the file sharing menace’ on 20th May 10am EST US, 3pm UK, 4pm South Africa) next week. Fran Howarth, Security Analyst, Bloor Research will be presenting an overview of the enterprise grade file sharing options and revealing the real-life horror stories encountered by Bloor.

I’m delighted to say that joining Fran and I will be Joel Edwards, Director of IT, Wiggin and Dana LLP who brings his own unique perspective on the risks associated with uncontrolled cloud file sharing caused by attachment size limits placed on staff and enterprise best practice that will enable you to retake control.

You can register for the free ‘Deal with the file sharing menace’ webinar on 20th May here. Hope to share ideas with you then.

In the spirit of interactivity we’re hoping participants will bring along questions to ask the experts - feel free to send me the questions directly (osc@mimecast.com) or enter a comment after this post.

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