After months of training during one of the UK’s wettest and windiest winters on record, I'm proud to announce that nine of us here at Mimecast successfully completed the London Marathon on Sunday the 13th April.

The weather was sublime and even though I was overtaken by a competitor dressed in a White Rhino costume, the opportunity to join with fellow Mimecasters in support of the TUSK Trust, a small charity focused on the preservation of wildlife and the improvement of poverty stricken communities in Africa, is a goal that is immensely rewarding.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mimecast friends, family and corporate sponsors – Gaucho Restaurant, Pret A Manger, The Entertainer, Allen & Unwin - for their contributions towards the fundraising goal of £16,500.

We’re close to reaching our target so we'd be really grateful for any final donations through on our fundraising site.

My final time was 4h 25 mins, achieving my goal of 4h 30 mins. Not quite in the leading pack, but based on my experience on Sunday I can’t wait to try to improve my time next year.

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