MSN: Put cybersecurity on the top of the agenda for 2022 

    Similarly, Werno Gevers, cybersecurity specialist at Mimecast, said that the pandemic has worked as a ‘force multiplier’ for existing threats in the UAE, giving birth to new ones. Irrespective of industry sector or location, remote working scenarios with employees shifting to their personal devices and not following established best practices, have created new cyber threats. With the shift toward remote or hybrid work models, and with global supply chains in a state of chaos, most organisations are facing imbalances between people, technology and processes, leaving vulnerabilities that attackers are ruthlessly exploiting.

    “To protect themselves, their employees and their customers, organisations need a layered security strategy that defends against attacks within, at, and outside the organisation’s perimeter, and helps restore critical systems and data quickly in the event of a successful breach,” he said. “More than deploying secure gateways organisations need to understand that they need to manage human errors to mitigate the impact of internal e-mail threats that could disrupt their business. Another key factor that organisations need to consider is a robust security awareness training programme. With today’s a distributed workforce and an abundance of scams doing the rounds, the cost of human error escalates. So, organisations need to take steps adequately, to prepare them to spot these threats.”

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