Mind the (Cybersecurity) Gap in Microsoft 365

    With more than 200 million monthly active users, Microsoft 365 dominates your critical IT infrastructure. Defend against cyber criminals who seek to exploit the security gaps in Microsoft 365.

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    How do you balance the risk?

    According to our research*, 75% of UK businesses have accelerated digital transformation due to the pandemic. This trend has brought many benefits but has also increased risk, particularly in the area of email security.

    Tight budgets and limited resources have led many to move away from the best practice of layered security and centralise protections with a single technology provider instead…but at what cost? How do you benefit from reduced complexity without increasing risk?

    *Mimecast Research October 2020

    Optimise your security investments

    Security teams are working under time and budget pressures against more sophisticated cyberattacks. Increased automation via open API integrations can increase the efficacy of security solutions and improve the efficiency of security teams.

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    Is your email platform leaving you exposed?

    We surveyed UK IT Directors to understand the security functionality they get from their email platform – how does your security stack up?

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